Cutting with COMBUSTION (sponsored)

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  1. Cutting with COMBUSTION (sponsored)

    First of all Id like to say thanks for the opportunity to log this to Bulk Performance Soloutions. Im really looking forward to this and hope its a great product becasue for $20 how can you pass it up. Your going to have to bear with me a bit this Is the first time im starting a new log with the new format.
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  2. So got stated yesterday 1 pill am i pill ealry afternoon. It was ok I bumber it up to 2 pills in the am today and feeling much better. I will probally stick with 2 am 1 mid afternoon from now on. So far nothing major to complain about no jitters feel great energy with the 2 pills so far this morning lets see how this stuff work out.

  3. I will be on a clean cutting diet
    am 1 cup oats
    9 am protein shake
    12 lunch 8 oz meat,fish,chicken,turkey + 1/2 cup veggies+ 6-8 oz of carbs.
    Pre workout meal will be around 3 and will be 6 oz meat 8 oz carbs
    Post WO shake will be hydro whey & torrent switched up on diff days because of times of dinner some will be soon after WO some will be later.
    Dinner will be same as lunch
    Bedtime shake will be 1 scoop casein 1 scoop whey

    Im sure I will cheat somewhere along the line but maybe a meal on the weekend.


    3 orange triad
    2 amino 2222

    2 amino 2222
    1 supper cissus
    1 flax

    About an hour after luch will be 3rd COMBUSTION

    3 orange triad
    4 hgh

  4. I should get before pix up tonight and body fat % up in the next day or 2

  5. Before pix Name:  combstart1.JPG
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  6. Workout sced. is going to be 5 days lifting/ cardio and off days cardio

    There will be a change up of bodyparts because of my work sced.


    following week will alternate to

    Every day will be AM cardio for 45 min.

  7. So far I can only notice a little burst of energy in the am with the 2 pills and the cardio.
    The afternoon pill I dont even notice I took it. To say I dont notice it does not mean that its not working so let see what the next 3-4 weeks hold.
    I am able to sleep on 3 pills a day and no negative sides upset stomach etc. So far very gentle on the body.

    Sorry for some reason I could not log on last night ? Maybe the upgrades?

  8. So last nights leg workout was pretty good I started to sweat a little more than normal but nothing that was crazy or to much so the thermo aspect is there. I guess its just strange compared to old yohimbine that I have taken in the past. You expect to feel something but I must say I am happy with how easy and gentle this on the body. Anyone who does not like stim affects would like this product as it does feel like you are taking nothing.

  9. Woke up feeling great and noiced a few viens in my forearms I have not seen in a while

  10. Things going great I feel like I should be logging something MORE but I dont feel anything. I do notice the bit of energy with the am cardio but thats is it visually just some veins popping I guess Ill see if the photos show different. I will take 2 week and ending to see progress. Appetite & scale the same.

  11. Ok so I guess I can start to see a diff in the mirror will post 2 week pix this weekend. I am kinda getting use to the no jitters I guess it is nice to not shake all day long and still burn fat. Looks like no body is following me on this one

  12. i'm here loving Combustion as well. combined with the IF/Lean Gains diet, this results are killer!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    i'm here loving Combustion as well. combined with the IF/Lean Gains diet, this results are killer!
    Hey someone found me Ya so far so good I cant complain!

  14. Still going great ! I can totally see a diff so far. Will have 2 week pix up some time this weekend. The scale does not look like it is changing much at all and my workout are still strong. I dont feel weak or drained at all.

  15. Name:  week2-1.JPG
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  16. Had a total chead WEEKEND ! Time to keep combusting

  17. Finally getting a tan you can start to see my abs coming in Very happy with the quality of this product.

  18. Looking good so far bro, keep it up!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by jwa254 View Post
    Looking good so far bro, keep it up!
    Thanks things are going very well im pretty impressd with this poduct.

  20. So over the last week I have noticed that the post WO shakes have had to be all Torrent my body is burning like crazy. I have also been waking up about 2-3 am and needing another shake which is awesome. Cant wait to see how the next few days go .

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Thanks things are going very well im pretty impressd with this poduct.
    very happy your liking it bro.

  22. Looking leaner at those two week pictures for sure, great progress. How much of the bottle do you have left?

  23. A couple more days left im kinda sad the bottle is almost empty it is really coming in strong after 3 weeks. Workout have been great and there are ZERO complaints for combustion. Will get end pix up this weekend as soon as I am done with the bottle.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by BulkPerf View Post
    very happy your liking it bro.
    All Honesty I was a little concered at first since I felt nothing at all! I really could not be more impressed and the quality of this product for such a low reasonable price.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by seccsi View Post
    Looking leaner at those two week pictures for sure, great progress. How much of the bottle do you have left?
    Thanks and I think that that I will be done either Sunday or Monday I have to take a look but I know its coming up soon.


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