Keeping my head in the game.. with FOCUS XT (sponsored log)

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  1. Ok, I am not so good with logs I guess... but I must say FocusXT is being added as a staple to my regiment.

    To be direct and honest - I prefer different things on different days. Sometimes I like the rage I get from something like NO Explode and up until now has been my pre of choice. It really seems like its a decision I make each day which PreWO to go with.

    Days like today? its a FOCUSXT day because I dont want to get all 'jacked up' from the noexplode... I want clean calm energy and focus... more so for my after workout then for it. See, friday nights is my weekly poker game with the guys. We been doing this for 10 years now or so... we have a tournemant 1x a week. Its how I get to hang out with my married w/kids friends that dont get out otherwise. 1st place is between 300-500 depending on rebuys so its SUPPLEMENT MONEY I am trying to win.

    I like the idea of walking into the game this week after some nice FocusXT and the game is right after my workout which studies show is beneficial to do mental things (like take tests, etc) after a physical workout.

    So with that and the FocusXT I should be dialed in for a good game.
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  2. Great to see you've been enjoying it so much, SB! Logging just takes practice and getting into a groove/format...I've always found it particular tricky to come up with new things to say when I've logged preWO's in the past...all you can really do is give feedback about how workouts are going, any issues about whatever, and making it as personal as you want to make it w/what you share in your day to day life...which you've done good job man!

  3. Well... I umm took 1st in my poker game (370$).... gotta give FocusXT some credit I think! Its now my preworkout and pre poker game supplement!
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  4. Lifting, studying, working, sexing, gambling, partying... is there something this product doesn't enhance?? (besides sleeping)
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  5. It has a wide variety of uses
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  6. Something to think about if you want a little extra pre workout kick is to add Adrena-G to Focus XT. It is still alot more cost effective than the avg pre workout, and you get the benefits of Focus XT with it. Plus, you can adjust your 1,3 dosage accordingly.
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  7. thanks but I shy away from 1,3
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  8. FocusXT is the mon$y!

    Keeps me focused and I am making improvements across the board. I got overzealous and pulled something in my lower back so I have been taking it easy and no squats or deads the past 2 weeks (boooo!) but everything else is just going up up up!

    Benched 175 for 5 when I struggled to get 165 up 3 times 2 weeks ago. My chest is my weak spot so 2 weeks ago I started hitting chest 2x a week and its defiinitly paying off! Back is still a little sore so I will skip Squats today or maybe just do some low weight ones... prob skip deads tomorrow and hopefully be all healed up by next week.
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  9. Yeeea, buh-dee...I also have been hitting chest and back more frequently during the week & have noticed improvements...which is esp why I really like the split of Ch/Bi, Back/tri, when working tri's, I lead off with close grip bench...and working Bi's, lead off with rev grip pulldowns...and then might toss some additional direct chest or back work in on a seperate day, if I'm feelin froggy...stink about you lower back though, I hate waiting around for injuries to heal up...

  10. Thanks Schizm... I having been doing this 5 day split for over 2 months now I might switch up to routine like you posted with chest/bi back/tri etc... I feel its time to for a change.

    back was ok today and the 2 weeks off of squats/deads I am thinking was good because I did Squats today - started light 135lb just to see how my back felt and I didnt feel it at all, so I upped to 185x5 and was fine so I went to 205x5 and was still fine, I didnt want to push it so I stopped there but i dont feel like I tweaked it all so I should be back to full next week and be up to 2 plates for working set. I forgot how much I love to Squat!

    Got my buddy on a SS program today... he's like 80lbs overweight, used to lift when he was younger but then marriage/kid got him. He went to lift something out of his truck and struggled and decided he had enough and actually followed through and showed up today! See if he comes back Wednesday to train again.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by StangBanger View Post
    I forgot how much I love to Squat!
    Now that's a sentence I don't see often
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