Pump Ev52 Up! Lemon Hemavol Review

  1. Pump Ev52 Up! Lemon Hemavol Review

    LemonDrop HemaVol

    Thanks to VaughnTrue for IForce for letting me try this lemon goodness.


    Taste: 9/10 - This stuff taste's really good. Anyone who likes lemon flavored products will love it! It' reminds me of UP 2.0 Lemon Cream Pie....

    Mixability: 8/10 -A little powder left at the bottom but overall mixes well.

    Pump: 10/10 - The pump is insane! I have used multiple products and nitrates always treated me the best. I have never experienced pumps like this before and I even use high doses of bulk creatine nitrate. If you are looking for a pump product this is the creme de la creme.

    I also dosed only one bag which I believe is half a serving. I'm almost scared to do a leg workout on this stuff.

    Great Job IForce!

  2. Yeah I only dosed 1 Bag... wasnt sure. But 1 bag WORKED AWESOME!
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  3. One bag is plenty potent. I can't see that much more of an advantage dosing two bags.

  4. Thanks for the review bro! glad you liked the flavoring, it really is tasty. and ive seen it in most reviews, the little bit thats left floating over is most likely the GMS....anyone who has used something like glycergrow knows this stuff can be pretty hard to mix up.....im actually surprised how well it disolves with hemavol

    and i havent done it with the powder yet, but leg day + 10 pills hemavol + high rep leg extensions = epicwinning
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  5. lmao, hemavol + leg extensions is not even possible past the 1st set! My legs are so pumped they don't bend. Walking down the steps to leave the gym is the biggest challenge of my life!

    OP, thanks for the review, greatly appreciated!

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