Creatine Nitrate by APS

  1. Creatine Nitrate by APS

    Have to give props to APS for putting out Creatine Nitrate.. I have taken Creatine for years and always liked the results that came with it but seemed like I was always fighting the water weight. I was told about Creatine Nitrate and that it was the cure for bloating so I decided to try it.
    I can honestly say that CN is by far the best product on the market and reccommend it to everyone who is seeking a great pump in the gym while not having to deal with the bloating associated with Creatine! CN gives me strength in the gym and pumps that last hours after my workout!

  2. I just wish they would ship this product to ******** nutrition they keep messing them around I so want this lol

  3. Gym4Life, I think it is frowned upon when you name other stores, even UK based ones (assuming you are referring to the popular store in the UK).

    A couple of threads complaining about the customer service at APS have popped up recently. If you want a creatine nitrate product then CM2 is available from SAN and is in stock there.
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