Creatine Nitrate/Mesomorph Stack

  1. Creatine Nitrate/Mesomorph Stack

    Going to start by saying thank you to all the people that wrote me telling about their CN/Mesomorph combo experiences..
    This is a stack that anyone serious about getting awesome workouts and gains should try!!! The energy you get from the Meso combined with the pumps from CN make it a perfect combination..
    I have been taking Meso for over 7 months consistantly and still only need 1 scoop preworkout.. I added the CN about 1 month ago and couldnt believe what I have been missing out on.
    I am glad to see that there are many people who also feel as strong as I do about this combination and the results they cause..
    Carl from Superhumanradio did an interview talking about APS CN and how effective it is which got alot of people trying it for themselves!!!
    I reccommend anyone looking for that ultimate workout go out and try them for themselves..

  2. Meso gives people energy? heheheh

  3. ive never heard of energy from meso. maybe the original one, but not the new one.
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