Gotti is back at it with AX Preworkout

  1. Gotti is back at it with AX Preworkout

    I'd like to thank Athletic Xtreme for allowing me to once again log their preworkout in the making

    I received my package last night but since it's the end of the week I'll officially start the log on a fresh week, so next Monday so I can give a fair review during all my workouts

    I believe the sheet said it was 8 servings total, I'll take 1 serving per day preworkout and at any random time during my days off, my routine will break down like this

    Monday: Chest/Tri's, HIIT Cardio (15 minutes)
    Tuesday: Back/Bi's, HIIT Cardio (15 minutes)
    Wednesday: Cardio, Abs
    Thursday: Legs, Abs
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Shoulders, HIIT Cardio (10minutes)
    Sunday: Cooking lol or off

    I won't really post the weights of each lift like I normally do during my logs since it's only going to be 8 days and there won't really be anything to compare to, however if a lift turns out to be groundbreaking, you better believe I'll let everyone know

    Topics I'll be looking into:

    and Endurance

    I'll also throw in alittle insight of anything I may notice from day to day
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by bluehealer View Post
    Sub'd. Been waiting for this to come back. I tested the first round and it showed promise.
    it has a similar look to the first batch, nice and pink, no plastic baggies of powder, big test tubes....i sniffed it and got some in my nose, but didn't smell to much
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by bluehealer View Post
    lol, I don't think you're supose to snort it.
    late nights call for drastic actions
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  4. FOUND YA!!!

    Nice to have your logg up, can't wait till next week and read you thoughts about it...

    And Gotti, thank you for wanting to test it and making (refering to the old testrun) a good clean logg on it.

    And remember, write everything... bad as good as mediocre.. as every aspect is interesting! We like the honesty!

  5. In to see what AX has cooking.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  6. Subbed Quite a few of these logs running, going to be tough to keep up lol.
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    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Mrodz View Post
    Subbed Quite a few of these logs running, going to be tough to keep up lol.
    Oh yeah, I've lost the count kinda haha, and a few more will popup here

    I can't wait to see everyones thoughts about it...!

  8. in for the fun

  9. How has it been going Gotti ? Just checking in...

  10. Day 1: Chest/Tris

    Pump: Pump was solid on this product for the first day. Not the best most mind blowing pumps but solid none the less. In just a few sets my chest was pumped up and almost numb. The odd thing about the pump factor was it felt like the outside areas of my chest were pumped most and not the main muscle itself. Later in the workout my triceps also had a nice pump going on. Rather enjoyable experience

    Energy: Energy was alittle crazy at first. I slammed the drink down and before I even got to the gym I felt very jittery and uneasy. But once I got to work I didn't feel uncomfortable at all and the workout energy and intensity was good. I think the jitters came from me not being on a preworkout for about 2 or 3 months now so that could be the reason. I'll keep an eye on this going forward

    Vascularity: Even with a good pump going on I didn't notice any extra vascularity going on during the workout at all. Then again I don't notice much during a chest workout anyway, today is biceps where vascularity really shines for me.

    and Endurance: Endurance was probably my favorite part of this product. The workout felt like it flew by. I probably could have worked out longer but I did my normal routine and pushed myself quite a bit. Even during the HIIT cardio I felt like it wasn't that difficult at all.

    Notes: I did notice a slight thermo affect on the way to the gym. However once at the gym I didn't seem to sweat anymore than normal. Could be the stimulants after not being on them for alittle while now. I also experienced no crash last night but also didn't sleep very well. I won't contribute it to the stimulants since I wasn't jittery, just odd dreams. Gotta stop watching the Sopranos before bed I think. Worth noting none the less and I will keep an eye on this as well.
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  11. good stuff out the gate

  12. Niice Gotti! Looking forward to see your next workout!

    Also, how much did you dose and with how much water ?

  13. cut the tube into 4's, as equally that i could....water was about 8 fl oz's
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  14. Tuesday: Bi/Tris

    Pump: Pump was once again solid. I was really able to feel the back muscles working individually depending on the workout. My biceps were pumped up real quick. It only took like 3 sets and I had felt like I did a full bicep workout. It was a real nice feeling.

    Energy: Energy was once again alittle jittery. Not as bad as the day before but sitting in traffic I felt alittle shaky and anxious. A few working sets into my workout I didn't feel shaky any longer. As I had mentioned, the day before I didn't sleep very well and during the workout I felt like I had energy to still push the workout enough to get results.

    Vascularity: Did see some nice veins in my forearms starting to pop. Didn't notice this at the beginning of the workout but towards the end of the workout. I don't know if I wasn't paying attention or it took some for the vascular look to hit, I'll have to pay more attention to this and see if I notice anything earlier in my workout from here on out.

    and Endurance: From not sleeping the night before I felt worn down all day. Didn't think I was going to be able to really push myself during the workout. But the workout really wasn't to bad. Seemed to go by rather quickly and I didn't feel as if I had to let up at all which was a nice feeling.

    Notes: Once again no crash from this product. I dunno if it's my re-introduction to more stimulants or what but this stuff puts me in a good mood. Again a slight thermo effect, especially around my ears, not like BA tingles though, just warm and fuzzy feeling.
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  15. nice update here so far so good

  16. Wed: Cardio/Abs

    Pump: Hard to tell pumps when doing cardio (for me anyway), so I didn't notice anything during the cardio session. During the ab session however I was able to "feel" my abs a lot sooner into the session and felt them almost popping while doing rope cable crunches.

    Energy: Didn't realy feel anything in terms of energy today. No jitters which was good but no real rush of energy either. Cardio still was no problem and maybe I just missed the rush of energy because I was already moving and it was smooth and wasn't very strong....i dunno

    Vascularity: Again hard to tell while doing cardio. However half way through the cardio session I looked down and my forearms and the back of hands looked pretty vascular which was odd for me. Later in the night (twice) I noticed the more vascular look in my arms. Can't comment if it was from the product or what but it was a nice bonus to this log.

    and Endurance: Solid endurance during cardio session. Didn't get the energy but didn't have a problem pushing during the sprinting portion of my training. On the other hand I didn't feel like I could run a marathon or antyhing like that. So it's kind of hard to judge if the product did anything for my cardio portion of training.

    Notes: Three days in a row I've felt a slight thermo affect about 10 minutes after drinking this. This time I felt like I did work up a sweat alittle faster than normal. By the time I usually push the cardio I was already dripping with sweat. It was nice and even with the sweat breaking early I didn't get out of breath until the normal time during the session.
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  17. Thursday: Legs/Abs

    Pump: During my leg training I actually didn't see any kind of pump. Usually part way through my leg workout my legs are numb and I have to concentrate to walk to the water fountain. That didn't happen during this workout for whatever reason. Not really complaining as I felt I still got a good leg workout in and didn't have to suffer so much.

    Energy: I was at the end of my first test tube of the preworkout powder. I thought I had divided it up pretty well. But I was left with a decent amount left over for leg day. Not a bad thing at all for leg day. The energy was good...nothing spectacular however, enough energy to give me a little boost but not over the top crazy. I figured with th extra powder mixed in I would have felt more energy than I did.

    Vascularity: Looking more vascular in my arms especially. After squatting and dumbbell step ups. My arms looked like a spider web, it was a nice site. After the gym when I showered I also noticed some extra vascular look to my upper chest and shoulder area which was a pleasant surprise.

    and Endurance: I don't know if the endurance aspect ties in with the pumps but the lack of pumps really allowed me to push some extra sets into the mix. I didn't feel like ddeath after my leg workout either, maybe I could have stayed at the gym even longer? But I was getting hungry. The product really shined through on the endurance today.

    Notes: This product doesn't give me crazy wild energy but it seems to prevent me from fatigueing during the workout which if I remember correctly. The original beta version did the same thing to me.
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  18. Insanity Training Plyo and Abs

    I'm going to start by saying Friday is my off day and I intended on taking the product to gauge the product when I wasn't working out. On Saturday I usually do shoulders but I had a family member with bad health across the state that I went to visit right after work on Friday and stayed until Saturday. I was unable to work, I was in T-AD's neck of the woods. While there visiting my aunt gave me Insanity workout, kind of like p90x but mostly cardio.

    Pump: I thought there was no way I was getting a pump doing a cardio based workout. Oh boy was I wrong, with all the jumps lateral movements my legs felt like they were full of blood. Especially my upper legs, what an amazing feeling.

    Energy: Energy was good, I felt the rush before I started the workout. I was ready to rumble, the energy was stable throughout the whole workout no matter how hard it was.

    Vascularity: Didn't seem to really notice anything special in this department. Until after my workout, where I had noticeable veins popping out all over my forearms. Like a roadmap

    and Endurance: Endurance was really put to the test today. Doing cardio on machines is one thing but this Insanity stuff is totally different and I was working hard. However this product helped me push throughout the whole workout. I didn't need to stop for breathers or anything. Only time I really stopped was to correct my form for a a split second here or there. This product is shining when it comes to endurance.

    Notes: I worked out in my home on this day. So I didn't wear a shirt, I noticed during the workout that my upper body around my upper chest and shoulders were bright red.
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  19. Chest/Tris

    Pump: I must say the pump feels different on this product. When I'm just walking around my shirt felt tighter around my chest, almost digging into my arm pits. However I didn't "feel" the typical pump feeling in my chest until the end of my workout. Tri's were alitte different, the pump came fast and hard. The pump lasted my whole tricep workout.

    Energy: Energy was really good today. Felt a nice rush when I walked into the gym. Had a pep in my step for sure. This product isn't overly strong as some products. But just what is needed to give you the extra fuel to push the weights around.

    Vascularity: Didn't seem to notice extra vascularity throughout or after the workout. Kind of surprised of this since the vascularity has been so solid.

    and Endurance: Endurance was alittle wacky today. Usually this product is spot on when it comes to endurance. I don't know if it was the pump or what but half way through my chest routine I felt like my chest was destroyed. Even light weight felt difficult. This is necessarily a bad thing since I felt like the chest workout was very solid. My tricep workout however I felt like I was able to go all day and had to stop because of cardio and time. Cardio was also a breeze.

    Notes: I said I wouldn't comment on strength unless something out of the ordinary happened. Well I broke two PR's yesterday. DB Incline Press, weight close grip dips. I felt like I could have done the incline presses about a month ago and I could just never kick up the extra weight. It felt good to conquer that extra weight. This could also contribute to my chest feeling like death half way through the routine.
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  20. Back/Bi

    Pump: Pump on my back was really solid today. Not only did I feel the the muscles working more than usual in my upper back but after my upper back portion of training I felt like the rest of the training session that my back was noticeably thicker from looking from the front and the back. My lower back also blew up during hurt so good. It didn't take much to pump my biceps up. It was almost like they were ready to blow up as soon I did my first curl. Putting my arms to the side my biceps ended up bulging a lot more than usual. My forearms also ended up feeling extremely pumped up.

    Energy: Energy was good, it was alittle harder to notice because of the temperature in the gym. It was really draining but the product did help push through the heat to get a solid workout.

    Vascularity: Nothing to special during my back portion, well that is until the deadlifts when my forearms looked like road maps. During my bicep workout I was very vascular looking, I usually have a big vein running through the top of my bicep. On this day that vein was not only more pronounced but could also be seen running up into my shoulder and dispear under my shirt. It was a pretty crazy look. My forearms also looked ultra tight and vascular during reverse curls.

    and Endurance: Endurance felt alittle weak today. It was probably the heat in the gym more than the product though. Even after simple warm up sets you left out of breath and sweating like it was a sauna. This happens often in my gym at the beginning of summer before the cheap owner puts any air on. So in all likelyhood there isn't a product out there that could help me not feel drained during my workout. Thats why I plan on inventing injectable A/C.

    Notes: Today (Wednesday) will be the last day of the product
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  21. Cardio/Abs

    Pump: Nothing to say here about pumps. Didn't get any pumps of noticeable amounts from doing cardio. The ab workout burned so good but nothing really in terms of pumps.

    Energy: Energy was nice. Nothing over the top but enjoyable and a pick me up to get me motivated for cardio. I felt alert and on top of my game the whole workout. The good thing about this product is you have energy to do the workout and then alittle, but it doesn't leave you stim'd out for hours after the workout but there also is no noticeable crash.

    Vascularity: I feel like no matter what I'm doing on this product that I have better vascularity throughout my forearms and biceps. This is always a plus.

    and Endurance: Endurance was very solid during this workout. I felt like I could have did cardio all day long. It took about an extra 10 minutes to feel as tired as I usually do...for example if I feel worn down at the 15 minute mark....well I flew by that mark and didn't feel worn down until the 25 minute mark. I also went through my ab workout like a breeze. If it wasn't for hunger I could have gone all night....well atleast I felt that way.

    Notes: Last workout on this product, final review coming soon
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  22. Final Review

    I was asked to give number review's here, I'd just like to state, I don't really give anything a 10/10.

    Pump: 08/10, Pump on this product was pretty solid overall. Better than no product at all and right on par with some of the better pump products on the market. The best part of the pumps on this product was while they felt look and were noticeable they weren't painful like some products that ends up shortening your workout because you can't do anything with the pumps their product gave you.

    Energy: 6.5/10, Not sure how I feel about the energy of this product. For me the energy worked well. It gave me the boost I need to power through a workout. Personally for me I'm trying to get away from the over stim'd preworkout. I used to like being all hyped up, but now I'm more into a little kick from my preworkout. However as a tester I'm looking to guide other potential customers. Some people like the crazy stimulant feel before they lift as I did. This product doesn't give that insane kind of energy. So thats the only reason it didn't get a higher number from me, personally it's more of a 7/10 for me but it may not be enough energy for everyone. I must note, zero crash from this product.

    Vascularity: 08/10, Again a really nice benefit from this product was the vascularity. The veins in my forearms, bicep, and shoulders were all more pronounced and I noticed as I kept taking the product I was more vascular all the time and not just during training times. Thats something new for me, I'm usually pretty vascular but mostly around training times and not all time like this.

    and Endurance: 7.5/10, Endurance was a big bonus on this product. I was able to push longer and go harder for longer period of time. The endurance was very noticeable from the start. The only reason it didn't get an 8 or a 9 was twice the endurance wasn't what it was the other 6
    training days. But still this may be my favorite part and where this product pulls away from the pack.

    Notes: This powder version was much better than the original in all aspects I've reviewed. I would use this product again as I think it gives you some nice things that compare with some of the most popular pre workouts on the market. The only thing I would look at would be the energy category as some people may want the extra boost, on the other hand people who spend long hours in the gym will love the endurance aspect.
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