First i'd like to say hello to everyone here at AM, i love this site loads of great information and experience! A little about me, U.S. Military 14 years active now and combat proven, huge on fitnes(job requirement so why not make it fun lol) working on my degree in Exercise Sciences, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, youth fitness, senior fitness, strength & conditioning coach. 6' 3" currently 198lb.s 8-9% BF(Caliper test not the greatest i know)

I've ran a myriad of supplements over the years as we all have, i am very responsive to the Asteroid Stack + Pink Magic(ran 8 weeks) just wanted to see what results i would get if any. I got very good results and i am going to run it again for the full 12 weeks as recommended with some additions. Setup looks like this:

Orange Triad 3 per day(breakfast)
Orange OxiMega Fish oil 2 per day(1 breakfast and 1 lunch)
NMDA(DAA) 1 pill 3 X per day(breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Anabolic Pump 3 pills 3 X per day
PRIME 3pills 3 X per day
PowerFull 2(before bed)
Pink Magic 2 pills 3 X per day

Pre Workout:
Powerfull X 3
Pink Magic X 2

Post Workout:
Golden Gains

This is the plan of attack thus far, my goals in mind are strength and lean muscle so i can break through some PR's. Any advice on subtracting or adding something is well welcomed, thank you very much in advance.