I had alot of people asking about Creatine Nitrate the past few weeks..
If you are curious about Creatine Nitrate and how effective it truly is simply log onto superhumanradio.com and go to Podcast # 644 and scroll to about the 27th minute mark! You will hear a live interview with Carl Lanore talking to APS owner about Creatine Nitrate and why it works so unbelievable!!
As you know, host of Superhumanradio Carl Lanore gets samples from every company out there trying to get him to talk about their products, but he is very selective about which company he backs... He tried Creatine Nitrate and felt the results instantly!!! I strongly suggest to anyone looking for that incredable pump and insane results check out this interview and get the true answers to the questions about this AWESOME PRODUCT!!! Once you hear Carl talk about CN you will realize this is a product you need in your workout!
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.