My roxylean ECA and RX6 final review!

  1. Thumbs up My roxylean ECA and RX6 final review!

    Well I finished my bottle of roxylean eca, 60 pills for 25.99 at VS and let me say WOW. Someone I know and trust told me for stim junkies try 2 and once and maybe just one later since it says no more then 3 pills a day. I took just one and felt ok, got me through my very stressful fast paced job. Tried 2 at once and let me say the BEST feeling in the world!! I try a lot of different supplements and energy drinks I try something new every month to switch things up even did the bronkaid and caffeine before but nothing comes close to this! It makes you feel invincible and cut the time it took me to finish my work at my job by A LOT! Sadly no one really knows how much caffeine is in each pill so what I was doing was properly pretty stupid because I started RX-6 today and they say one capsule is 300mg caffeine so I just took one the past 2 days and it did NOTHING and made me feel very very very irritable very fast! Maybe it was just RX-6 I don't know but I'm going to take it back and look for something else for energy. All and all even at 2 capsules a day it still comes out to less then a dollar a day for the best feeling from caffeine I ever got! Also, I just take this stuff for energy and I am a huge eater whose hungry often and this was the only thing that ever killed my hunger which sucked!
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  2. Sounds a great product

    I've got a tub to use coming tomorrow, used rx6 and wasn't impressed

    Used anabolicdesigns shredabull was amazing going to run roxy then try endoburn from bsn ad compare the three

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