**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsor log, I was looking for info on doing this bridged cycle and could not find any**

I ran a 8 week cycle doing 3 HDrol/ 2 Hdrol & Epivar/ 3 Epivar

I don't recall my dosing on Hdrol but I ended my Epi taking 72mg a day.

I'm now one week into my PCT, doing Nolva/Inhibit E/Reduce XT.

I also take fish oil, CLA, BCAA, Recreate, Liver Armor

Started out at around 207 in the beginning of March. My diet pretty much sucked ass, I ate healthier but I could kick myself for not having it in check like I should. I did add running 15 miles a week to my program. Today I jumped on scale and it says 193. So I dropped 14lbs. My beginning b/f (with calipers) was around 15-16% (I think like 15.4 or so). Ending is around 13%.

Looking back I would skip out on the Hdrol and just run Epivar straight for 8 weeks. I didn't see/feel much on the Hdrol but Epi was a game changer for me.

Overall I would rate Epivar a solid 8 product, good aggression, not overly aggressive but enough to get me through those last couple of hard reps. Great results and the only side I had was some acne.

I've always struggled putting size on my chest...guess I need to find a killer chest workout to pack some muscle on there. Also, I have zero doubt that if I would have had my diet in check I would have cut down so much more . I'm happy where I'm at but looking back I'm really kicking myself in the ass . I just love bad food.

Well I tried to post pics but it won't let me. I cut down 14lbs and now can see my top 4 abs. My love handles are almost gone too. I'd say it's 50% adding running to my program and 50% supplemental aided.