Up front, I want to say that I have a pretty decent stim tolerance. Ever since trying maximize V2, I found iForce seems to have a great grasp on making stim based products with great clean energy and no crash.

This alone made me excited to try dexaprine, but since Iíve been burned any times before with stims with lack luster results or leaving me cracked out, I thought Iíd get a sample first.

1 cap taken on an empty stomach with water, shortly after waking.

On taking:
Just got my sample this morning. Taken on an empty stomach. Nice clean energy boost, huge jump in focus but subtle enough that I donít feel like Iím on crack. Felt a little jitter, which subsided after having a breakfast shake, while not feeling an energy dip.

2 hours later:
Training to get to running 5k without a break, still early days, but had my 30 minuting training walk/jog. Would usually take a half serving of preworkout, but felt good enough to go. Much cleaner run, good progress and fast bounce back afterwards.

6 hours in:
Focus is still there, just doing emails and concept work. The energy has tapered off but still present. No crash as of yet.

8 hours in:
Still ticking over, still tapering, but energy and focus is still noticeably there... Iím impressed to say the least!

Other notes:
Sweating much more then usual, especially during my run. Appetite in check, but still feel like I could eat if I wanted to. Appetite suppression isnít crazy, maybe even possible to use for energy and keeping lean on a bulk.

I could honestly use this just for the energy it gives even if it does nothing for fat loss, but from what Iíve felt so far and my experience with 3,3 and 3,5 I think this is gonna rock for fat loss too.

Definitely think iForce is onto a winner here, and with what could be a 60 day supply for most you get some serious bang for buck. Ability to break the tabs in half is a HUGE plus. Curious to try a full bottle now!