I bought the chocolate and the Apple Cinnamon, with the thought of using the chocolate as my 'shake' and mixing the apple cinnamon in my oatmeal, but I wanted to taste the protein first, so I mixed up a scoop...


Initially, not good, but all I used was a fork and pint glass with about 10oz water, and 2-3oz 2% milk....but eventually (3-5 minutes) of stirring vigorously, it got all the clumps out...so while it wasn't 'instantized', it ended up mixed perfectly.


Woah...cinammon in da face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow. potent.


I could almost only taste cinnamon, STRONG cinnamon..STRONG ASS CINNAMON...but it was tasty...will be awesome in oats..if I could figure a way to mix it with honey I'd but it on waffles / toast / etc. I was surprised at how strongly it was flavored mixed mostly in water...

Overall...I like it, would buy again.