Hello Everyone, my last posts I have made concerned Spawn and Epi and after my cycle and halfway through my admittedly jury-rigged post cycle I want to give everyone a report:

Cycle: EPI 2A 3A: Week 1 20mg
Week 2 30mg
Week 3 30mg Bridged into 40mg
Week 4 40mg
Sizeabol 350 All weeks 2 pills a day

I may not have the dosages exact because I did not write them down as I did it, unfortantely but that is pretty close to what I did for the EPI. It was my first time using and well I just kinda upped it slowly based on how my body was handling it.
For liver support I half assed utilized MRM Liver X. My next cycle I plan on sticking more to the liver support. I really should especially sense I drink frequently.

Anyway I really didn't notice much until mid-week 3 but even then I guess I wasn't really looking for it. But after the cycle I looked back and was surprised...for I do keep rough workout logs and I really did have some impressive gains-- I am a bench press meathead and utilize that as my gauge.
Prior to the cycle my bench press for 315 was around 4-5 reps. After my cycle I was getting 315 a solid 8 reps. A week after my cycle I did 10 reps. and Now I have been off for a good 3 weeks and I am getting 320 for 10 reps.
Next week I plan on going for 325 or 330 for 8-10 reps.

One thing I have noticed is that my arm strength has drastically decreased, though arm size has not. For some reason my biceps were getting extremely tight really fast. This may be completely unrelated to the stack. But, my curl for dumbbell was 70lbs for 4-6 reps. Now it is 60lbs 4-6 and the 70 for 2-3 reps.

While on cycle I was definitely noticing a lot of soreness in the gym, probably due to increased weight on my lifts. I ended up cutting back my working out and at one point during the cycle I took a full 6 days off for some recovery (though I still took the pills).

I am 5`5 and currently 190lbs. Before the cycle I was approximately 177lbs.
give or take, depending on what I ate that day and how much fluids I took in. My weight fluctuates strangely. But, after cycle I have consistently been heavier and every time I step on the scale I am around the 190s.

My diet stayed pretty much the time. Optimum nutrition whey protein for my shakes with added fruit (strawberries or bannanas) and a raw egg or two.
Also, on lifting days I take a 1100 calorie weight gainer called Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice--tastes like crap, I don't recommend it. But, I got a good deal on it.
For food: Salmon, tilapia, bagels, steaks, hamburger helper, standard college kid food.

Post cycle... I am dreaded telling you guys this one and definitly need a budget minded advice for my next PCT. I was thinking Liquinolva or Liquiclomid from the AG guys. I was recomended that last time. But, I wasn't sure how to dose it--it is liquid form. I was just confused.
AI Erase: I hope it did its job. I have no comment.
Diesel Test DTP pro cycle: WOW. This stuff works. i have done 3 other test boosters and none of them worked like this one. I love it.

My next cycle:
I was thinking of going with Beastdrol + Creatine Nitrate
I know I want to try Beastdrol, read a few things on forums. I am running on a tight budget and I am not sure what to combine it with.

Thats it guys! Thanks for any good advice and hope I helped someone!