I have been running Black Chrome NO3 by Cellucor for about 5 weeks now. These are pills and they are stimulant free. On workout days I am taking 4 pills 1 hour before workout. ( I am also stacking this with creatine mono )
The pump is about the same as any of the other NO type supplements I have tried. The difference I noticed is that I do have extra stamina to workout longer, ability to workout longer without fatigue, and a slightly increased vascularity. As far as strength my lifts have gone up slightly:
bench + 5 lbs, deadlift +10 lbs, squat + 10 lbs. These are about the same strength increases I got using other stimulant free NO2 pre-workout type products. I am going to increase the dosage to 5 pills for week 6, and 6 pills for weeks 7-8 and see if it helps.