I just came across 4-AD by Advanced Muscle Science on vitaminshoppe.com
I'm not quite sure if it's legit though. I've been looking around online, couldn't find much about it, and it seems like there are a few different formulas. I tried putting a link to the AMS 4-AD but I dont have enought posts so I can't link, but if you got to vitaminshoppes website and type in 4-AD it's the only one there.

Before I saw this I was planning on using EST Propadrol EP.

My stack for cutting was going to look like this:

EST Propadrol EP
Performance Edge DAA Pure
Appplied Nutriceuticals Neovar
OxyElite Pro

Not sure if I should stick with the Propadrol or 4-AD. And feel free to add any suggestions about my stack or anything else. Thanks.