CRG G-Factor???

  1. CRG G-Factor???

    I was looking for a GH boost today to add into my upcoming stack. My dude recommended something called G-Factor from Compounding Research Group.

    Here's the deal: It's a peptide complex originally designed as a pharmaceutical for cancer patients to maintain some muscle mass and weight. This company took that idea and made this product.

    I've never heard of it, or anything from CRG... does anyone know about this?
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  2. First time I've seen the thread, I know you've been on this for sometime now so do you have you any positive or negative to report?

  3. What's up guys? G Factor

    Has anyone else heard of or tried G Factor?
    I bought some and want some feedback, positive or negative..
    I can't find **** on the company that made it or anything on it on the net...
    seems sketchy now, but helping after four days in the gym on it...hmmm...
    let me know...

  4. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but just picked up a bottle of this from a local shop and the guy there swears by it. He's been straight with me before, so was wondering if anyone has had any expierience with this stuff yet. Got a smokin deal so figured I would give it a whirl. Thx

  5. I took it for a short while. It gave me vivid dreams and some good muscle gain, but I never kept a log. I got off it b/c I did not want to screw my natural GH production.



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