h drol stack

  1. h drol stack

    Ok I'm currently waiting on an order of h drol to arrive off of back order and once It does I'm running it for 4 weeks 50 75 75 75 on cycle I'll be running cel cycle support and I have reversitol for my pct.. I just need to know if I'm purely going for mass what else should I stack with this?

  2. One bottle wont let yo do that dosing. You'll need two. And Id look into something a bit more for your PCT!



  3. Yea that's not how I had it planned exactly but it's prettyclose I run outta time to run it like I wanted so I'm gonna do 50 for about ten days then bump up and it won't be a full cycle two or three days short

  4. Oh ok cool.


  5. I orded a cycle of h drol a week or two ago and it's on back order but it's getting shipped on Thursday so I should receive it Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and I'll be starting it then. It's going to be my first ph cycle so I'm hoping for the top gains... maybe even up to 15pounds. I'll be taking their cycle assist while on it and reversitol after because of it's mild nature. I have a large calorie intake but I'm not too sure about how clean it is.... I eat alot of chicken breast eggs and peanutbutter, I'll take any advice on a diet.. I'm dosing it at 50 for the first twelve days then at 75 until the endof the bottle which is around 27 days give or take.. I'll try to keep the log updated with how I'm progressing the best I could


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