Ok, so after reading about all of the hype i decided to order a few containers of mesomorph and have them shipped to my ship on while i am deployed so that i can give them a try. Before i give my review ill give you a brief history of myself..

-9 years bodybuilding experience currently 195 at 5'10 5% BF
- currently on deployment and average 3-6 hours of sleep per night
- extremely heavy stim user (4 scoops jacked, 600-800mg caffeine, 60 ephedra for the last 4 months straight)
- currently on week 17 if a low carb cut (400 pro/100 carb/50 fat)
- supplementation includes:
- whey isolate/dextrose (post-workout)
- caesin (before bed)
- universal storm (upon waking, post workout)
- vitamins
- glycergro (pre-intra workout)
- fiber supplement
- ECA (morning, mid-day)
- BCAA's (25grams during workout with honey and during fasted morning cardio)
- various support supplements (adrenal support/gaba/melatonin/phenibut etc)

Now... as far as the Mesomorph is concerned is very unique in the way it makes me feel.. Normally if i take excess amounts of Jack3d or Universal Rage i get heavy cardiovascular stimulation, sometimes on the verge of a panic attack if i am on a lack of sleep...never really notice any increase of muscular endurance or pumps... well with mesomorph this is simply not the case..

energy (7/10): i have to tell you, i was a little disapointed. To be honest i dont quite know what i was expecting to feel considering i was comparing 1 scoop of a product to 4 of another, but regardless, there was good, consistant, clean energy throughout some of my longest high voume workouts that didnt tend to fade untill about 16 sets in.

focus: (10/10)focus level is unparralleld. This product gives you a very wide awake/get up and go feeling. Throughtout my workouts never once did i lose sight of the task at hand.. it really makes you want to charge through your workout.

aggression: (9/10)you know, taking meso felt similiar to anadrol.. seriously, it must be the icarian but it really does make you more aggressive.. not overly aggressive, but aggresive enough to get pissed off after doing 275lbs SLDL for 14 thow the weight down, pace back and forth, then come back for another 2 reps before you let your partner take his turn.. sounds humerous, but this was set 12 of my leg workout yesterday.

muscular endurance10/10) there is where this product really shines.. i dont quite understand the mechanism of action here.. because i have been taking 6-8 grms of beta alaine for months.. and do not get beta tingles what so ever.. but muscular endurance is astonishing. I hit 3-4-5 more reps than previous weeks, breathing seems more efficient, recovery after sets is instantanous.

pumps7/10) pumps are good. It has been 4 days since i have started this product so i dont know how long the nitrate is going to take to build, or it might be the fact that i have been taking 20-30 grams of creatine for an excessive period of time, the lack of sleep, or the lack of carbs but i havent experienced the "skin bursting pumps" that i have read about. What i will tell you is that unlike any other product, this one does provide full body pumps on the heavier compound movements which i did not experience on previous products, hell i got sick ass tricep pumps when i was doing barbell rows...lol..

Crash: (N/A)this product does give you a crash after about 3-4 hours.. but in my case the crash is musch appretiated. The jack3d and rage have been known to keep me up literally all night, this product does its job and then stops right when you need it to. Its strange, but it seems like the more revved up you are, the more it works.. Very good.

Taste: (10/10).. Look.. i dont know what these crybabies are complaining about.. or maybee its because i have eaten plain tuna 3 times a day for the last 14 weeks... but this stuff tastes amazing! I have the grape flavor and it tastes like a sweet-tart! Fantastic.. i actually look forward to, and savor the taste, It is tart, but not to much so...

Overall (9/10), this is a very good an unique product that has quickly become my new favorite. I will continue to purchase and use this product untill i find something else better.. lol.. But out of the countless pre-workouts i have taken nothing can come close to the overall effect this product provides. It might not give the strongest pump, or the strongest energy, but it provides a hell of a lot of everything. The only thing i would suggest is they come out with maybee a 750 gram container.. this is a product i would like to take 2 scoops of, and knowing that 1 container will only last me 2 weeks isnt the greatest.. so yeah! Come out with Bigger Sizes!!!