Chubbins gettin' LIT-UP with AppNut! *sponsored*

  1. Chubbins gettin' LIT-UP with AppNut! *sponsored*

    Got a great opportunity to run a tub of AppNut's preworkout, LIT-UP. Big thanks to R1balla and AppNut for giving me this chance. This is my first log so bare with me guys.

    Applied Nutriceuticals - Better Results Through Science

    From this run I'll be looking for the typical things you would expect from a preworkout: strength, stamina, energy, focus, etc. I'll also pay attention to body composition, weight, and libido due to the test boost.

    My main goal for this run is to join the 1000# club at 145lbs.

    height: 5'6"
    weight: 145 lbs.
    body fat: not positive, I'd guess 10%
    squat: 315 (parallel or below)
    dead: 405 (straps)
    bench: 245 (touch chest, no pause but no bounce. hurt my shoulder over a year ago, but it's feeling better now. hopefully I can get my bench waaaay past 245)

    That puts me 35 pounds away from the 1000# total.

    Not gonna change my diet for this one. I'll keep it the usual: beef, chicken, rice, and oatmeal.

    My split is usually something like this:
    day 1: chest
    day 2: legs
    day 3: bis/tris
    day 4: shoulders
    day 5: back
    Off days depend on how I feel.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this preworkout compares to the others. I've tried tons so if LIT-UP get's me goin', it'll get anyone goin'.

  2. Final review:

    Overall, I'm pretty pleased with Lit-Up. Compared to the other preworkouts I've tried, I put it in the top 3. For only $20 on Nutra the price can't be beat. Go to your local GNC and you'll drop more than double that for something full of fillers. It's a versatile preworkout since it doesn't have creatine or a bunch of stims. You can tailor it to your liking by adding some cheap creatine mono, caffeine, or geranium if that's what you like.

    To me, the effects of Lit-Up aren't prominent on the first dose. This is a preworkout that should be taken regularly. The mood enhancing, strength, endurance, etc, all started kicking in around the end of week 1. I find that 2 scoops preworkout works best for me.

    Lit-Up works great, tastes great and is an awesome value. This and only a couple other preworkouts are the only ones I'd recommend to any of my friends. I give it an 8.5/10.

  3. Got my tub of LIT-UP in today. It's a pretty small tub (about the size of Jack3d), but it has 40 servings. A serving size is 4294mg and the ingredients add up to 4272mg. That leaves 22mg for other ingredients, and that's pretty impressive considering other preworkouts are 50% inactive ingredients/fillers using scoops the size of my fist.

    UPS brought it kinda late, but I decided to give a try tonight and go hit shoulders and bis. First thing I noticed when I opened it up was that it smelled great. Started with one scoop, and compared to other preworkouts it tastes amazing. It's cherry citrus flavored.

    I was already kinda tired tonight. On the way to the gym I didn't really get a stim buzz (mind you this isn't a stim-laden preworkout), but I did notice a nice warming sensation. Not much to report on strength. I blame that on my lack of carbs today and the fact that it was late (I rarely workout late at night). Though I was tired, I had lots of energy and I was extremely focused and eager to move some weight. The pump I got was great. There were veins everywhere from forearms to shoulders.

    Tomorrow is chest. Carbs will be higher and the workout will be earlier. Eager to see if I get any mood enhancement from the theobromine. Couldn't notice tonight since nothing puts me in a good mood when I'm tired.

  4. Great start.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. Subbed
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  6. Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates. I have to take a little road trip today so I'll be back at it tomorrow. I hit back last night so I'll update that and the next workout when I get back.

  7. no need to update everyday. just when you can and a final review
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  8. Tonights workout: chest
    Weight: 143
    Bench single: 275 (+30)

    I gotta say I'm very pleased with Lit-Up. I spent 13 hours driving yesterday and didn't really have time to eat. In the first 7 hours of the trip I had 2 Redbulls, 2 5 hour energy shots, a Monster and a 24oz coffee. Spent the last 6 hours trying to stay awake. All that caffeine and I had trouble staying awake... I'm very very tolerant to stims. Got back at 3am and didn't sleep till 5am, and only slept for 5 hours. Busy day today working on the truck and extremely tired so I didn't have much of an appetite. Tonights workout was with little carbs.

    With all that being said... I still added 30 pounds to my 1 rep max even though I was very tired and had very little energy. Keep in mind that I'm just getting back into benching so some of this strength is coming back, but I wouldn't have added an extra 30 pounds without Lit-Up. This strength boost definitely isn't from massive amounts of stims either. Even if it were loaded with stims, as tolerant as I am to 'em, it wouldn't have helped that much.

    15 pounds to go for the 1000# total.

  9. Yesterdays workout: legs
    squat single: 325 (+10)

    So far so good. Couldn't stay and finish the rest of my workout because my kids were acting up, but I'm happy to say I broke another PR. My usual working weight of 225 seemed a lot easier. Could've added reps, but I wanted to save some energy for my 1rm. My chest and back are breaking out so that could be a sign of a nice test boost.

    5 pounds to go for 1000#.

  10. Sounds good buddy. Ordering my tub of Lit as we speak. Its good stuff. Glad your seeing good results and your so close to the 1K mark. Its a great feelin when you hit it man. You got this.

  11. Thanks country, almost there.

    Yesterdays workout: back
    deadlift: 405 to the knees, but couldnt get it any higher.

    Thought I didn't break the 1k, getting 405 to my knees is still a stepping stone. Last time I attempted that weight it only came off the ground an inch or so.

    I really feel the effects kicking in now. Increased stamina/endurance, better mood, libido out the roof. I'm at 2 scoops every preworkout. I tried 3, but 2 works just as well.

    Since I broke a bench PR, tomorrow for chest will be reps.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by CountryLiftin View Post
    Sounds good buddy. Ordering my tub of Lit as we speak. Its good stuff. Glad your seeing good results and your so close to the 1K mark. Its a great feelin when you hit it man. You got this.
    Good deal. Have you tried it before?

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

  13. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been out for awhile with some virus. Took the last scoops today and will right up my review.

  14. no prob man. thanks for the log
    Performax Labs Product Specialist



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