These are my first reactions to the M5. I have only taken this only once and this is how I feel. As I continue to take this I will update my opinions on this product.

Profile: I really like the way the profile is for M5, I cannot take Stims due to migraines so it is hard to find a product that works without Stims.


Mixibility: This is an area I am pretty concerned about with most of my supps. I hate having clumpy drinks to choke down. This was not a problem with the M5 mixed great, I mixed it with the recommended 8oz of water. One down side to M5 that I have saw today was it has a kinda chalky residue. This is taken care of with some water afterwords.


Taste: I can handle a lot of bad tasting supps, so this is not to big of a concern for me. I will say however with the recommended amount of water M5 tastes great, a lot better than some of the other pre-workouts I have taken.


Performance: Like I said before I have to take Stim-Free PWOs. This makes if hard for me to find a product that works in the gym. Today I can honestly say was the best results I have seen with a Stim-Free PWO. I had energy, focus, and drive! This stuff was great!


Price: This stuff can run a little bit pricey, but from what I hear and have experienced today you get what you pay for with this. It could come down in price and that would make it amazing.


Overall: I would recommend this product to anyone seeking a Stim-Free PWO. Not only does it taste great, mix well, but it also is effective in giving energy throughout the workout.