First off, shout out to Optimum Nutrition for sending me two samples of Hydro Whey and two samples of Platinum Hydrobuilder. I am reviewing the CNC flavor of Hydro Whey, I mixed it with water and will post another reply to this after mixing it with milk.

Profile: I have always loved this profile. In fact every time I walk into the store and see this I always think about my bank account and consider buying it. I really like how clean it is, low carb and low fat. It also packs a really nice punch with only 140 calories but 30g of protein. And the really attractive factor is the Hydrolyzed Whey Isolates.

Mixibility: I used the recommended amount of water to mix this and it came out perfectly. This even has bits of cookies in it, which is nice. No clumps and no chunks makes this rating easy.

Taste: This tasted really well. This gives a very sweet taste, but never the less it is a true to taste CNC. The one downside to this is that I can taste the standard whey taste that you get with almost every protein. I am mentioning this because have been spoiled with some of my protein. Overall this is a solid tasting product.

Texture: The texture was great! It was probably one of the thickest proteins I have tasted being mixed with water. I love a thick protein so I love this one.

Price: This is where this product falters. ON makes a really good product with 100% whey, and the price is exceptional. This is a really good product as well, but kind of pricey. The main draw back, and really only draw back, to me buying this product is the price. I am a college student, so I am a little frugal with my money. If you have money to spend, then its a non-issue.

Overall: The great taste, combined with the awesome mixibility and nice profile this is a great protein. If you don't have to worry about spending money, or don't have any restrictions on your supp budget, this product would be gold. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a post-workout protein, that wants a good taste, and has a lot of money.