I wasn't really in the need for protein, but it was a great price and I have been interested in this for a while. I got it in the mail today, and wanted to try it immediately.

Unboxing: When I opened the box nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I have seen other reviews that said the container looked old and dusty, this one seemed as if it came right off the line. All seals were perfectly intact.

Profile: This profile looks really good, as I like to call it "it looks very clean". It has a blend of seven cold processed proteins. I really like this profile for how lean it is. Here is the label:


Mixibility: I mixed 2 scoops with 10oz of water. While I was shaking I was surprised how quickly this mixed. For my other protein I usually have to shake a lot more. Great color, if that matters to anyone, but it looks like you would want to drink it. It even has actual chunks of strawberry in the powder which is cool. After finishing my shake, with my other proteins, I normally see chunks in my strainer. With this protein none got caught in my strainer.

Taste: It was really sweet and had great flavor. With other proteins I normally taste a after taste that is distinct to protein shakes. I didn't pick any taste like that up with this one. It did have a kinda chalky taste to it that left my mouth feeling chalky, but doesn't last long.

Texture: Since this mixed really well the texture was really good. It was not to think or to thin. What surprised me was how smooth it was.

Price: I got this for 18.99 for the 3lbs. This was a really great price for me. However, normally on bodybuilding.com it cost 29.99 for 3lbs, which is a bit more pricey. If you can get this product on sale its a good deal.
8/10 (Because of the normal price of the product)

Overall: There is a lot of reasons that I like this product. The price when I bought it and the profile are highlights in my book. Overall I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a lean/clean profile with good price mark.

Just for everyone's knowledge, this is my first DY product and I went into this review with a completely unbiased view. This product has warranted, in my opinion, these great remarks. Other proteins I have tried are: Myofusion, Syntha-6, ON 100% Whey, GNC Wheybolic Extreme, Nitro-Tech, and EAS Myoplex.