I will start my warfare stack on monday.
pre-workout -Napalm
No booster-MOAB
t an gh booster- NMDA

i run the stack for 3 and half week then it ends. it shoud be for 4weeks put not inaf in the cans...
its a good stack if you want to cut some fat. my body fat dropt from 8.7 to 7.9.

Napal i can say that its do the work. gives you good energy nice pump and no crush after.. taste is horrible put you can drinkit.
Moab is probaply the best no booster what i have try long lasting pumps and fuller muscles put allso so expencive..
nuke have no ide if its work taste is very bad and whit max dose container last 1week.
Nmda its not so nice suppliment after gym you feel like ****, gived me cople of spots in my shoulders and forhead, put libido was up the roof.

nothing radical streght gains or size i didint see from this product..I didint gain eny wieght on the stack put bodyfat dropped. SO you will not gain the promiset 20lbs probably 2-4lbs put it will make you more vacularity.. and its way to expencive 200 dollars for 3weeks supliments plus chipmend 46dollar.. And muscle warefear says you shud run it for 8weeks so its way to much money to pay 400 for this stack.. if it would be cheeper i would juse it agen..

sorry gays my bad english..