Just wanted to post my results from a new product I started taking 3 weeks ago.. I am off cycle, have been off for a few months and everything started to fade as we all know does... Energy level down, fatigue, sex drive, basically everything we all dont want to happen was happening to me..
I have been a fan of APS for about 1 year now and absolutely love Mesomorph/ Creatine Nitrate stacked together so when I saw they had produced a new Test Booster I figured I would give it a shot!!
3 caps a day 5 days a week and after a few days noticed I was starting to feel more energenic, had more in the tank at the gym, and in the bedroom!!LOL..
I am on my 4th week now of Strickly TESTALENSIS 100 along with my normal Mesomorph (watermelon Flavor) by far the best tasting and Creatine Nitrate and honestly feel like I am back on a cycle!!!
I have to give credit where it is due and thank APS NUTRITION for once again producing a superior product to any on the market. (that I am aware of)
I truley suggest that anyone coming off a cycle for a break or anyone that just wants to feel strong and get results in the gym pick up a bottle of TESTALENSIS 100 and continue gaining strength and stamina.
Thanks again to APS for another great product!!! Keep them coming and Ill keep trying them..