Hands down the best pre-workout supplement I have tried, this stuff is sick! I have been through many of the popular brands (No Xplode, SuperPump, 1.M.R., White flood, NO Shotgun etc.) and none of them got me sweating like N2KTS. I am currently running a tub of Jack3d and I notice I do not have the pump near the end of my workouts while using N2KTS. I was using 2/3 scoop of N2KTS and am now using a full scoop of Jack3d and not seeing the same results. I remember reading somewhere that N2KTS is the original formula of Jack3d but someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am very impressed with this product, plus it tastes so good! I mix it in with xtend blue raspberry 30 minutes before my workout and right when I start my first set I can feel it working!

Bottom Line: N2KTS puts all the others to shame, insane pumps with no crash!