first epistane cycle needing advice

  1. first epistane cycle needing advice

    alright im currently 170 lbs 9% bodyfat age 22 6'0"

    currently taking alot of lg sciences stuff considering i got 7 bottles of differnt lg sciences products off an ebay auction for 55$ (2x ghenerate, 1x i-gf-1x methyl 1d, 2x formadrol extreme, 1x slin)

    lg sciences Ghenerate 8 sprays preworkout 8 before bed
    lg sciences I-gh-1 2 caps pre workout 2 caps before bed
    lg sciences slin 3-4 caps before meals

    been taking the above for about 2 weeks now, and have been taking epistane for about a week and just starting increasing my doseage to 30mg/day going for a 5 week cycle on epistane, my main concerns are

    #1 im my muscles are recovering MUCH quicker than normal even though im pushing them what feels like harder than ive ever pushed them before they wont even get sore anymore

    my usuall workout is 2.5 hour workout total upper body doing mainly bench press (incline and decline) upright rows, curling, dips, shoulder shrugs, military press, and on day 2 i do all lower body, squat, leg press, hamstring, leg extension, calf raises, deadlift, weighted situps

    monday upper body
    tuesday lower body
    wensday off
    thursday upper body
    friday lower body

    now, when i go to the gym im stuck there for 2.5 hours till i can get a ride home every day that i decide to go, just wondering if i should be doing a differnt split or should be doing something differnt on differnt days or ect, and is it ok to train a bodypart over again 2 days in a row if it feels up to it or should i let it recover, also i have the time to go in on wensdays if needed for a full week split providing i can find something to do with 2.5 hours in the gym each day and it wont be overtraining or bad for my muscles, and im not very into cardio and stretching type stuff

    my other question is should i take the methyl 1d with the epistane and stack them together(with all the other legal gear im already taking), or should i take it with the formadrol as a pct, i also have some d-aspartic acid and other minor testosterone boosters as well as starting up the creatine cycle again pct also any advice/recomendations would be apprechiated

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  3. Dont stack two methyls and I REALLY HOPE YOU HAVE A SERM. Otherwise your test will be in the 100s for awhile after epi.

  4. Wrong section. Look at the Anabolics section.... and dont overtrain your body. More time doesn't equal more muscle.

  5. better get your pct in line. epi isnt crazy but its no joke either. stop taking the methyl 1d. what are you taking for supporting supps?

    Search epistane and start reading there are a bunch of posts. pm me if you need help figuring it out since you already started. I have run epistane before



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