Thanks to some trading and special deals
I have a tub of APS Mesomorph and Creatine Nitrate. I'm not sponsored or anything, I bought both out of my own pocket (or traded something out of my own pocket). This reflects my personal and honest opinion.
Let me say that the only staple supplement I have in my arsenal is protein and EC stack ( i cycle it very often). I don't use any stimulants except an EC every now and then due to either them being too expensive, not providing the strength (the energy, pump and such yes) or having good/bad reps from them but nevertheless I have tried a multitude of PWO before and this will be my latest.

The one's I have tried are
Jack3d--my very first lol
White Flood
1 MR
GAT JetFuse
Green Mag
NO Shotgun
EC Stack

And after using Mesomorph, I've found something that will be a staple. The energy, pump and strength on this is incredible. I have the watermelon flavor and it's amazing. Since I only had CN for one day I dosed 4 before and 2 after--will try 6 before but any other suggestions welcomed.

A tad bitter, but mixes VERY well and has a lightish pink/purple hue. Looks like Xtend Watermelon and a tastes like a more concentrated version. The only one that tastes better would be Assault BAR and Green Apple, those are INSANELY good.

9.5/10 w/o CN----10/10 w/CN
Damn I tried this WITHOUT CN and then with. BOTH were amazing, I had a strong desire to go workout, push some weights and live life. Everything felt more full, and looked more full in the mirror (yes I check myself out after workouts).

10/10 with and without
The energy was not a calm rush in nor was it a jolt like Jack3D. More of a square function curve. It builds and builds, and you DEFINITELY feel it 15 minutes after. The tingles hit me hard, no as painful as 3 scoops of Jack3d which is nice since I can actually workout haha. After working out, I was still full of energy and euphoric. I did not want to stop but you have to listen to your body.

9.5/10 w/o CN and 10/10 w/ CN
My stats were fairly low due to a very strict cutting and some donuts and pie. But after using this for two days, the main lifts were ALMOST on par, and im certain they will be after a few more workouts. Considering I did my PR at 175lb and am now around 159lb, its quite astonishing to me. I lifted more weights using CN also. I had a few cross overs since I had a break from Meso in the middle of the week (used yohimbine for workout) and noticed heavier weights which is nice and very encouraging.

10/10 for both
This shines here but I don't use it for endurance though. I noticed my rests have been shorter and Im going to try and keep them longer but I do supersets and such a lot more when using these which is sort of a dismay. It's like a container full of energy that HAS is just bursting at the top. I might try and sprint on this, ill see on Monday but I don't ever do cardio.

This is my favorite pre workout out on the market and I genuinely recommend it to anyone in the market for a PWO.
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