Methyl-V / Epistane Bridge

  1. Methyl-V / Epistane Bridge

    So I got my goodies in and I'm on the 4th day of a Methyl-V / Epistane bridge. I've lifted the dosing for the cycle from Unreal's Guide to Superdrol. Methyl-V is a SD clone that has 15mg SD + 45mg Revolt in each 60mg capsule. I have some local guys that have run standalone Methyl-V cycles and have had good results similar to straight SD. The standard dosing they've done is 120mg/day for 4 weeks, but I'm going to try this out.

    Currently the dosing protocol I've chosen will be:

    Methyl V 60/120/120/0/0/0
    Epistane 0/ 0/ 30/40/40/40

    I'll be doing my very best to keep diet in check, eating in a calorie surplus and hoping for a clean bulk. My goal is to add about 10lbs of LBM and see where I'm at after PCT. I have a good deal of fat on me from the winter I took off due to a shoulder injury/surgery.

    I'd like to focus on the areas I feel are weak in my physique Shoulders, Back, Legs... I've had problems w/ the shoulders for quite some time, but it now feels stronger than ever after the surgery. The other areas have honestly just been neglected and I'm hoping to get more serious and try and get my physique a bit more balanced.

    I started 4 days ago at 172.5 lbs. I took some photos, and I've come to the conclusion that I suck at posing. I used the 10sec delay and ran in front of it to pose. I'll try and get similar poses in the pics to come (if there is anything worth showing) but maybe have my wife take them.

  2. 4th day in today and I've started to notice the back pumps. Currently I'm on about 4g Taurine a day and it seems to be going ok. The pumps aren't crippling, but I may step it up to 5g a day and shift the dosing around.

    The workout was good, I felt stronger today and was able to squeeze more out of myself than normal. Possibly placebo this early on but will see.

    The thing I'm most excited about is the fact that I've now got access to a fitness club. For a good majority of time (years), all I've had was my poor excuse for a home gym which I feel really held me back. I'm going to try and make these next 5.5 weeks of the cycle count with all this new equipment!

  3. Started this morning at 174.8. Hope to get a chest / tricep workout in today after a short job this morning.

  4. Great workout today. Strength boost has started, along with the lethargy... Boo!

    Strength and endurance were up across the board on all chest / triceps lifts today.

    It was a good day.

  5. 179 this morning, strength seems up a bit. I'll be interested to try a straight SD clone my next cycle. I don't have a baseline SD run personally to compare this Methy-V to. So far I'm not too impressed though and looking forward to starting up the epistane. I'm also having a hard time keeping my calories in surplus, my appetite is just not there. Its hard to force the food down. Training is going great though.

  6. No update in awhile. Holding steady at about 181-182. Methyl-V is over now and I'm on straight Epistane at 40 mg day split into two 20 mg doses. I love the way Epistane makes me feel / look. Ill be sad when I have to stop it. I am still getting back pumps on back and leg days, even with 5 or so grams Taurine a day.

    Strength is still going up and I feel I may be leaning out. Thinking I should take some halfway pictures soon.


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