Phorce Cycle, Feedback please!

  1. Phorce Cycle, Feedback please!

    I am 22, 5' 10" 182lbs 8% bodyfat. Just got done dropping bodyfat, have been clean from any cycles for 3 months now. Last cycle was D-Zine which is probably one of my favorite cycles I have ran. I have finally made up my mind to try this new product from Phantom Labs called Phorce which is blend of D-Zine and M-LMG. I would like some feedback to see if i should change anything up. I will most likely end up logging this cycle if you guys would like to see my results as i plan to start within the next week or two.

    Major Goals: To see 190lbs after PCT at 8% bodyfat and to hit 315lbs on flat bench.

    On Cycle:
    Phantom Labs Phorce
    Liv. 52
    Milk Thistle
    Saw Palmetto
    Hawthorne Berry
    Fish Oil

    PES Erase
    Testojack 100
    (I also have Aromasin if I end up needing it)

    On Cycle:
    Phorce: 2 pills a day for a 4 week cycle
    Liv 52: 5 pills 2x daily
    Milk Thistle: 1g 2x daily
    Saw Palmetto: 1000mg 2x daily
    Hawthorn Berries: 1000mg 2x daily
    Fish Oil: 2g 2x daily

    For PCT:
    Week 1 PCT = 40mg Nolva, 3 pills Erase (spreaded evenly throughout the day)
    Week 2 PCT = 20mg Nolva, 2 pills Erase, 10 pills of Testojack (4 days on 3 days off)
    Week 3 PCT (same as week 2)= 20mg Nolva, 2 pills Erase, 10 pills of Testojack (4 days on 3 days off)
    Week 4 PCT = 10mg Nolva, 1 Erase, 10 pills of Testojack (4 days on 3 days off)

    I chose Erase for its ability as an AI as well is a cortisol blocker. I chose Testojack 100 because the LJ100 and ZMA combo seems to get good reviews for natural test boosting properties. Again any feedback would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

    Also, let me know if you guys would like me to log this cycle!


  2. How was your experience with D-Zine if you dont mind telling? Sides?Positive? Negatives?
    Would appreciate it.

    Im thinking of running M-LMG with Epi for my next run. But im also gathering peoples experiences on D-Zine seems solid. So Phorce would be something im considering also.

    Either way im in for the ride if you do log this run

  3. D-Zine was my favorite cycle I've ran. I had literally no sides. I will say that it did shut me down a little during pct but some natural test boosters fixed me up. I think with a proper PCT, D-Zine is amazing. I gained about 15lbs and kept about 8 of it and kept all my strength gains.

  4. this is a good prepackaged stack u will enjoy

  5. Do you guys think the pct looks okay?

  6. I've read that Clomid is the best for PCT on a Dzine M - LMG cycle.


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