pplex stacked furaz bridge to hdrol furaz issue

  1. pplex stacked furaz bridge to hdrol furaz issue

    I have this posted in another thread..don't think its getting attention cause its at the end of an old thread....here's the situation.16 days into a pplex furaz stack and real shutdown no libido and depressed mood. Tried dhea no help. I'm gaining good size too while shedding fat. Not sure which ph is causing this. My original plan was to bridge to hdrol and keep going with furaz...I was thinking drop pplex tmoro n stay on furaz a few days n see what happens. If the sides wear off then add hdrol n finish off as planned . Or jump right into pct since I'm already shutdown ..I was on ostarine when I started this cycle, cut it short n decided to run this then go back on ostarine for pct...stats 33 lifting 15 years two phs cycles under the belt ..

  2. Unless if I started the bridge tomorrow wud the hdrol help the libido or mood? Don't wanna crack the bottle only to waste it

  3. Put this in the anabolics section bro, youll prob get more help there

  4. I'm working from my phone ill try n move it...

  5. not sure how to move this thread

  6. Just go to start a new thread make it the same title as this and everything but under the anabolics/cycle info page, also if I had to make a guess at ur problem i might say its the pplex? because furaz is pretty mild. Youll prob need a serm in your pct as well if you decide to run it.

  7. Thanks bro...I dropped it and add hdrol..gonna run it for 5 weeks mayb 6 depending on how I feel def serming it after this one

  8. Good to hear brutha, hope all goes well!

  9. ok heres an update. been on since i think mid april. started with pplex stacked with furaz. ran pplex for two weeks dropped it added hdrol and kept on furaz. i finished the furaz last week still on hdrol ...now i just got sustanon..im thinking of running it for 12 weeks non stop cycle....too long to be on? or just go for it


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