androlean review

  1. androlean review

    This is an unsponsored review of Primordial Performance's Androlean solo.
    I ran it as the label suggested 3 caps 2xday. So it was a 28 day cycle that finished today.

    About me:
    35 years old
    weight training since I was 14yrs old, B.S & M.S. in Exercise Science (a degree that I have not used in 10years). Married with a 3 year old & work has really knocked down the intensity & duration of workouts. Although, I have always been consistant with weight training, the intensity & drive have not been there for a few years.

    The goal for me was a mild cut with some possibility of recomp.

    January weight = 178
    March weight = 164
    April post AL WT=160

    Diet on average was:
    3-4 days calorie reduced
    1-2 days maintenance
    1-2 days aove maintenance

    weight training 3 days a weak. Focused on multijoint movements. I did not train for strength gains, but I did not loss any strength either.

    cardio: Again, this was a mild cut for me. I have not done much cardio in the last few years, so any was bound to make a difference. I mostly walked & and did interval training on the treadmill. I would average 6-8 miles per week. I do not think this is very much for most people, but for me it is awsome.

    The review:
    It has been said by the reps, but I agree. AH really shines in a calorie reduced environment. I felt it had definate anti-catabolic effect for me. i had already been cutting for almost 3 months & had lost some muscle. I lost an additional 3-4 lbs while on AL, but I feel like I retained more or maybe gained a little muscle this last month. I wish I would have started my cut with AL, and I think I would have ended with more muscle.
    The next greatest thing for me was an increase in endurance. I have not heard anyone else talk about it, but it was one of the best things for me on this cycle. It is an area I struggle in, and I really felt like cardio was no problem & I could keep going.
    The other noticeable thing that has been mentioned before is the "carrier" that is in AL. It really enhances the effect of caffeine. i am very stim sensative & rarely use them, & when I do it is small doses. During this cycle I occasionaly use USP's Recreate. I would only take 1, but it was enough to curb my appitite most of the day. I also felt very lean at the end of those days. I used it maybe 2-3 times per week. Someone who could handle stims I think could just get shredded with this.

    Sum up:
    Fat loss = yes
    endurance = yes
    strength = no, but I was not training for strength & my joints hate me right now.
    Mood = no change for me
    muscle = ?
    sides = a few days of oily skin and about 3 zits on my back
    No other sides that I know of. I did not take labs or get blood pressure. But I felt good.

    I like Androlean, & will likely use it again if there is a good sale

    I may post pics if I get brave enough.

  2. Thanks for the review.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Nice review!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. Completely missed this, great review! Glad you liked it bud

  5. Really nice review. Thanks for posting it up.

  6. great review. did you use pct?


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