Figured I would put up a little review on this new product, since so far I'm pretty happy with it.

I built up a tolerance to N.O. Xplode (needed 4 scoops to get me there), so I went into my local Nutrishop and told the guy my situation. He sold me N'Rage by Cell Shock Research, which is apparently the Nutrishop brand.

Had my first workout using it today. This stuff works, and I get the same feeling off of 1 scoop which is half the size of the N.O. Xplode scoop than I did off of 4 scoops of the N.O. Xplode.

Good focus, more reps, more energy. Pump was there but not crazy. Today I just worked out my back, and I never really get a good pump on back day. Looking forward to seeing what kind of pumps I get when I work out my arms.

Skin felt uncomfortably tingly as I was starting my workout, but it went away after a little bit. I was sweating UNCONTROLLABLY my entire workout and for about an hour after I had finished.

It cost $43 with tax for a 40-scoop container. Sounds pricey but it equals out to about the same as other products that you need more than 1 scoop to be effective.