DMZ Load (dmz13) SS log

  1. DMZ Load (dmz13) SS log

    Been working out for around 6 years on and off, crossfit, gym , hypertrophy you name it i tried it and decided a year ago to get consistent so I've been doing starting strength for about a year now and have made some great improvements you had to see me a year ago LOL

    Im eating around 3 - 4 k cals right now a as best i can this is the hardest part for me. Also running ON whey postworkout and staring a 4 week of DMZ Load (13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5 and 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha) old dmz-13

    running gainskeeper for pct (recomended by the shop i got the dmz from)
    also running
    milkthistle x 4000mg
    hawethorne berry x 1060 mg
    vit b complex

    Current stats:

    35 yo
    5' 10"
    200 lbs
    bf % who knows maybe 15%

    squat 3x5 = 210
    bench 3x5 = 160
    DL 1x5= 210
    press 3x5 = 100
    chins / pullups 3x5 bodyweight
    row 125? just switching to from cleans


    body weight 210 lbs
    squat 250-275 for reps
    bench 200 for reps
    DL 300 for reps

    I've been doing the traditional starting strength but made the mid week squat 7 reps and not max. So for example my wed workout last week had me doing squats at 7 reps of 185 x 3 sets.


    just did my 2nd workout on gear and the back pumps where def there did a little stretching and all was well again

    cant say that i feel anything other than some mild pumps next wo on monday

  2. is this the same as the dmz13 by evolve that's currently on the market? im curious to see how this goes bc they sell this at the supp shop down the road.

    good luck!

  3. sure is, just different vendor

    i was thinking to really take advantage of this cycle doing a 4th workout day for arms any thoughts? or am i getting enough with Starting strength. Im naturally bottom heavy to begin with so my upper body has always lagged behind in size, but strength they seem to fall in line

  4. if ur thinking about adding a 4th workout day, that means ur lifting 3 days a week?

    being that ur on cycle i see no problem working out 4, even 5 days a week. i work out 5-7 days a week wether im on cycle or not. best to "stock up" on gains while ur on cycle as they dont come as easy when off.

    also, how are u adequitely working out ur body in only 3 days? (not knocking you, just asking)

  5. My 3day is traditional starting strength
    Mon is squat bench row pullup
    Wed is squat oh press deadlift
    FridY is squat bench chinups maybe curls
    It's more of a 5x5 routine for strength

  6. wow this stuff is really kicking in i went for a short walk today and started getting lower back pumps lol also check the BP and it was a little higher than norm

    Im wondering if my starting strength workout is going to be adequate for this 4 week cycle? I'm lifting heavy (for me) but wondering if 3 days is not enough for the cycle maybe i should go to a 4 day push pull bodybuilding type split with the same excersises im doing now and add a couple accessory movements as well.

    any thoughts on this?

  7. well that was a fun cycle i checked the BP and it was through the roof at like 160 / 90 Im pulling the plug on this one.

    do i really need to pct after taking it for 5 days?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 11bravo View Post
    well that was a fun cycle i checked the BP and it was through the roof at like 160 / 90 Im pulling the plug on this one.

    do i really need to pct after taking it for 5 days?
    sorry to hear about that. i personally dont know if you need to take a pct, but i would. take a 5 day version of the pct you had planned out


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