Epivar/Halo clone stack

  1. Epivar/Halo clone stack

    Alright basics - 25 yrs. old 9 years of training on and off. Um 2 PH cycles under my belt. First one was Halo-Tren 400 by BCS. Great stack, dropped my freshman 30 and got a 6 pack by spring break. Didn't know much about PCT then, but used nolvedex xt, and went straight into a Tren (19-nor) cycle. Lethargy like a son of a bitch, but libido went through the roof. Thought that was odd. Haven't trained hard in about 8 months, due too a series of injuries. Man it's been hard to wait for my body to fully heal, before getting back in hardcore. Been tearin the gym up for a month to lead up to cycle.

    Stats - 6'1" 185lbs 12-15% BF (got 2 abs showing)
    Arms- 15 1/2 in sucks down from 17
    Waist - 31 in
    UM Don't know what else to put down

    Lifts - Bench - 225
    Deadlift - 315 x 6
    Squat - ?? prob 225 x 8 (can't max cause of injury)

    Goals - Shed BF I've got some chest fat prob from rebound gyno. Small tenderness in right nipple. Size of a dime. Epi should take care of that.
    Get my stegnth back up Like to bench 260 by end.
    Get denser
    And of course lean muscle gain

    PH cycle - Epivar 36/36/36/36/36/36
    Halo 50/50/50/50 maybe get some more to finish six weeks
    Maybe some 11 oxo last three weeks cause i have some around

    Fish Oil, Niacin, CoQ10, Red Yeast Rice, Glucosamine, and 1g Milk Thistle

    Diet - Has been really clean lately. Will be on point for cycle for sure.

    PCT - Clomid not sure of my dosing yet, and PES Erase

    Questions- How bad are taking pain killers with acetaminophen while on cycle?
    Should I run the Halo for 6 weeks?
    Whats a good carb and fat ratio for a cut, with 2000-2500 cals?
    I also have Alpha T2 a thermogenic and a stimulant for shedding extra fat. Should I take these on cycle or during PCT?

    Anyways start the cycle in 2 days (4/22) So i will be logging prob 3 times a week. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Day 1

    Felt good today. Great workout. Did chest and biceps. (I'm trying a little muscle confusion while on cycle) Had to make myself leave the gym after 2 hours. Im sure it was just placebo, but who cares felt great. Or maybe my endurance went up quicker than i thought. Did over do it and puked after an hour, but I am pretty sure that was from mixing a strong caffeine based stimulant with the epi. So I'm gonna cut the stimulant out and just use the Alpha T2 at 2 caps a day. Did see an increase in vascularity, and it wasn't from blood pressure. Checked it this morning and was 128 over something. I've always had really good pressure though. Sucks the gym is closed for the weekend, I'll prob just cardio tomorrow and do a freeweight arms day on Easter.

    I'll start posting more in depth log when I start seeing something, i.e. in depth workout, weight and mood changes, etc.

    I'm kinda unclear on how long before the epi starts showing gains. So if anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated.

  3. Oh yeah, should I stack a low dose 11 oxo all the way through? A high dose towards the end? or not stack it at all?

  4. Day 4

    Epivar - 36mg/day
    Halo-Plex - 50mg/day
    Alpha T2 - 2 caps/day

    Legs todays. Nothing special with todays workout.

    Squats - 4 sets 215 x 8
    Leg Press - 4 sets working up to 8 plates
    Leg Extensions and Curls - Kept working up till i had failure at 6 reps
    Calves in between most exercises

    Well just got back into the gym today. I've just been working out at the house over the weekend. It was nice, I put the iron in the backyard and got a nice tan. I'm suprised at the results I am seeing already. I weighed in at 189 today (Up 4lbs) and have a leaner look in my mid section. I thought it would take longer for results but who knows. I know my test is up, because I have been breaking out all over. I have never had this much acne, even when i was in mid puberty. I'm really just not prone to have pimples at all, but it's mostly in my upper chest and upper left arm. Oh well i'll go get some PanOxyl and up Vit A. Anyways joints hurt like a bitch. Can't think about it, cause it's only gonna get worse. No pain, No gain!!

    Alright Peace!
  5. Day 7

    Day 7

    Epivar 36mg/day
    Halo-Plex 50 mg/day
    Alpha T2 2caps/day

    Amazing energy today! Man I was doing pull ups today, and when I would think I couldn't get one more in I could beast out like 3 more (Perfect form too, I won't like throw my legs up to say I got 3 more' pointless). Finally getting that I can take on the world feeling that I have heard is associated with epi. Day 5 had horrible lethargy. Think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Just didn't want to do ****, just pushed through though. But aggression is way up now; I'm putting up the iron like a mad man on a mission. Pumps are staying with me till the next days workout. Today was Back and Bi's, I wanted to do Back and tri's but my triceps were sore and I wanted a great Shoulder workout tomorrow. Joints pain isn't even bothering me, just lets me know this stuffs working. Sorry I'm not posting workouts. I'll post workouts on days that I max to show my improvements throughout the cycle, which will be about every 2 weeks. Acne has calmed down, Ive been scrubbing the hell out of it with PanOxyl. Have noticed stretch marks on my biceps though. Time to break out my girl's cocoa butter bodywash. Speaking of my girl, she has been a trooper because my libido is ridiculous. Weighed in at 188 today, and still getting leaner in my chest and mid-section.

    Side notes - Sorry about the grammar and punctuation, I know it sucks but I'm a math and science guy (particularally geology and physics, hence my major is Geophysics). Writing never has been one of my strong points, because "frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn."
    Second I'm kind just keeping this as my personal journal. That's why my entries are just what I feel like talking about. If y'all ask I will write more in depth entries about my workouts, and keep a better log. But since no posts yet I'm just gonna write this how i want.

    Alright well bros, I'm gonna go jog around the lake. So peace out!!

  6. Day 13

    Day 13

    Epivar 36mg/day
    Halo-Plex 50 mg/day
    Alpha T2 2caps/day

    So been busy and finally had a chance to update. Mood and energy are great. Aggression is definitely up at the gym. Strength is slowly goin up on all lifts, and weight is is steady 189 (+4lbs) while still shedding BF. Sleep has been off, waking up a lot and feel so thirsty in the morning, like I'm hungover. Yesterday I did chest put up 225 x 8, 245 x 3. I was gonna max next chest workout but I'm gonna wait till day 21 until I try maxing, but am very impressed with chest strength improvement overall. Only real size I have seen is my arms are back over 16 in. Ran 2 miles today and had horrible calf pumps after, I'm gonna up taurine tomorrow. I'm excited that I'm seeing these kind of improvements already especially when I heard week 3 is when things really get interesting.

    I'm gonna post some pics up shortly so I can compare with after. My phone broke and finally got my replacement.

    My real problem is that my arms look massive, but having a hard time getting that v cut between shoulder and tri's when not flexing. I'm looking around for exercises to help, but am hitting a brick wall. If anyone knows a way to help, it would be much appreciated. Anyways gotta go study.



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