Hey Guys, have been on break from AM quiet some time, feels good to be back!! Hope everyone is living healthy and having happy lifts. I Had a great time in Punta Cana but defiantly lost some muscle and put on some fat (for a good cause) while enjoying myself. Felt good to let loose for a little and enjoy life trying to get back on task!!

Okay its been a long time since I've taken an PH and don't know if I wanna do the whole PH thing anyway given the currently environment/lifestyle. However I want to push it into overdrive gain what I lost and then some extra during an all week 7 week war. (Just in time for graduation)

I was thinking about using two very popular over the shelf supplements stacked together to get it going- DAA (bulk powder by NP) and Erase (capsules by PES). I have used both these supplements in the past with good results but never stacked them.

My plans rough plan is a little something like this: Notice all dosages are in 'per day' form for each week.

W1: (3.0g DAA) (0 capsules Erase)
W2: (3.0g DAA) (0 capsules Erase)
W3: (6.0g DAA) (2 capsules Erase)
W4: (6.0g DAA) (2 capsules Erase)
W5: (6.0g DAA) (3 capsules Erase)
W6: (3.0g DAA) (3 capsules Erase)
W7: (0g DAA) (2 capsules Erase)
W8: (0g DAA) (Last 6 capsules of Erase)

Totals are: 189g DAA--> Almost two cases ($23)
90 capsules erase --> One bottle ($30ish)

W3-W5 DAA is taken 3 grams at a time once in the morning once before bed.

I like the idea because we all know DAA works well at boosting testosterone but recent studies it isn't the holy grail, DAA studies have shown problems with estrogen increase from DAA supplementation. So using this stack one can maximize natural test production through the roof without having to worry about nasty unwanted side factors such as an increase in estrogen or increase in cortisol thanks to the work of the folks at PES. I orginally saw the basic outline for this idea in the PES product manual btw if your wondering where this came from...

Kicker for the broke college kid (me), busy bachelor, guy who orders alot of pay per view on DirecTV .........8 weeks cycle= $55

I would be interested in hearing anyone opinions, thoughts, experiences, knowledge, or just general ideas on this because its uncharted territory for me....If all sounds well and the community can give me a thumbs up, log to come!