Epivar/ 11 oxo redefine cut

  1. Talking Epivar/ 11 oxo redefine cut

    Hey what's up, still working on getting my supplements in order for my first go. If you have any input let me know. I'm hoping to use this cycle without a serm but I'll see what you the knowledge base says. My goal is to lean down while keeping my gains, typical..

    1-4 Epivar, Multi, Omega 3, Size On, Milk Thistle, green tea extract
    4-6 11 oxo,Multi, omegas, size on, milk thistle, green tea extract

    Test booster (if needed), milk thistle, size on, omegas, Multi V, green tea extract

  2. Whats up bro? Man 1st cycle and no SERM. Might wanna reconsider or just have one on hand in case. You will definitely need the test booster, and a pretty strong one. You might wanna research some more about PCT before starting. I mean 4 weeks of epi probably wont shut you down, but you will keep gains better. Plus Epivar is dosed pretty heavy.

    Ok enough preaching, I'm actually starting an Epivar/Halo clone stack tomorrow. So im interested. So what are you starting stats? and What are you dosing each at?

    Ill post a link to my log later, so we can bounce ideas off each other.

    Good luck bro!

    Oh yeah watch out for the green tea extract with the epi. If you start getting headaches and feeling sick, it'll probably be from the caffeine in it.

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