Best two combination stack for under $80

  1. Best two combination stack for under $80

    I do not need to lose that much weight. I am around 164, and I am 5'9.
    I couldn't take any supplements for about two weeks since a doctor put me on an SSRI. I am now done with it. Should I combine Erase with something else?
    Just trying to lose 5-8 pounds.

  2. The fact that he put you on a SSRI tells me your body was lacking serotonin or at least he thought so, an AI such as Erase WILL lower serotonin levels, now DAA will elevate both dopamine and serotonin along vasopressin but post usage will cause a slight down regulation. Those are factors are to consider, other than that DAA and Erase would make a solid combo or DAA and Activate xtreme

  3. Sale at NP currently has the whole driven sports stack for 90 it's not too far out of reach and IMO it's a great stack to cut.

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