Epistane or D-zine PCT

  1. Epistane or D-zine PCT

    Hey guys, I am new to anabolicminds . I want to run an Epistane or D-Zine cycle this summer sometime at 20/20/30/30 for epistane or 15/15/30/30 for d-zine.
    I have been lifting for about 4 years now using creatine, zma, and protein and I just want to try a mild PH, nothing crazy yet.
    For my PCT I was hoping to stay OTC if possible, the things I currently have on hand are: CEL PCT Assist, I Force Reversitol V2, SNS Inhibit-E, and Gaspari Nutrition Novedex XT. What if any of these would you guys recommend using and in what doses?

    Also I have two bottles of CEL Cycle Assist which I plan on starting two weeks prior to the PH and running till the bottles are gone.

  2. Man ,you need a serm ,is so easy to get one if you use google ,believe me, and for your weight and height ,you just need to eat more ,my .02 cents!!

  3. Yea I have actually been considering on waiting a little while longer to take it and try to bulk up more. I realize that D-zine would for sure need a SERM but does Epi really need one or is OTC ok for that?

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