MidwestBeast's Controlled Labs Purple Psyko Review (sponsored)

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    MidwestBeast's Controlled Labs Purple Psyko Review (sponsored)

    CL Purple Psykol Review:

    Okay, so I wrapped up my run of Purple Psyko with a total of about 5 weeks use. Initially I was mixing it with USP's unflavored ModernBCAAs and near the end I switched over to bulk 4:1:1 BCAAs. I am a big fan of this product. I had previously used Purple In-Train and while it's not bad, I like this profile (and taste) much better.

    The product tastes great and mixes pretty well; not perfectly, but not enough to be an issue. I mix my intra-workout drink in a half-gallon jug, so it'll be a bit different for those who use shaker cups (I would see it being more troublesome the smaller the container). The only negative I really can say I found from this is that if you forget to put it in last (assuming you're adding more aminos to the product; which you'd add in first, shake and then put in the Psyko), and shake it up - it's a total pain and you'll end up with stuff floating all over the place. I'm used to putting any powder into my bottle and shaking it; not stirring it, so that took some getting used to, though it's not a big deal at all. The other thing is that it'll leave a lot more residue on the inside of your jug afterward, so wash it as soon as possible (and you'll need to get something to scrub the inside, too. What it looks like is if you were to wash your car but not rinse it, or the same with shower tile. Again, not a big deal, but just something to be aware of.

    I really like the profile on this product to mix with bulk aminos. The citrulline malate and extra leucine give a great boost to endurance. My workouts are pretty grueling, though short. I'm either working with very limited rest and high volume or overload tension with maximum weight. I never felt out of breath or fatigued prematurely. It's not a type of energy that you actively feel at all, but you know that it's there.

    Overall I was very pleased with Purple Psyko and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone as a great addition to intra-workout bulk aminos. I'd much rather do this than add something like Crystal Light.
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