With my order of LG Natadrol I received a sample of BPI RX-6. I know BPI is a relatively new company and is a company that seems to be producing new supplements. Due to only being a sample packet I can only review the short term effects.

I took one RX-6 pill at 3:30 PM and started to feel the effects at approximately 4:00 PM. RX-6 turned my mood positive, gave steady energy and great focus. RX-6 effects lasted at least six hours and at the end I experienced no crash. This is by far one of the only few supplements to make me feel the way I did. I feel this supplement can have great long term effect towards weight lost and will definitely be part of my "to buy list".

Sustained Energy 7/10
Focus 8/10
Mood 9/10
Thermo Effect: 7/10