Need help with Pro-Hormone Cycle

  1. Need help with Pro-Hormone Cycle

    I am very new to this website, but I am in need of personal opinions and individuals experiences with PH's.

    I have been looking into taking a PH for sometime now, but could never muster up the balls to actually take one. Now I believe I am ready. I have had trouble putting on weight my entire life and I think a PH will do the fix. I have talked to a couple people that have gone through cycles and their opinions on taking a PH are very high.

    This would be my first attempt at a PH and if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it the right way and not mess up my body. I have been lifting regularly for about three months now and stay very active with playing basketball about 4 times a week. My diet is average, but I plan to cut it down to a very strict one before and during my cycle.

    I'm currently 6'6" 210 pounds. Body fat is unknown, but if I were to guess I would say right around 12%. My goal is to put on 15 pounds of muscle while keeping a lean athletic frame.

    I have heard good stuff about PH's called DMZ Load, Tri Methyl Xtreme 3.15, and Super DMZ RX.

    I was recommended to take 1 month of DMZ Load followed by 1 month of Tri Methyl Xtreme 3.15 followed by 1 month of a post cycle. Is this good? Suggestions? The whole cycle time I'll be taking a milk thistle to help the liver. I'm still unsure what I should take for a post cycle and how long I should take it for. Pink Magic? A-HD?

    If you could please let me know if i'm heading in the right direction or suggestions on what I should be doing, it would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Need to move thread to anabolic section. No PH's in here
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  3. To assist you with your question,

    How old are you?
    You obviously haven't done much research regarding PH's. Running one PH into another with 3 methyls is pretty ridiculous. Also, Superdrol (in Tri Methyl) is not something you start with, especially not stacking it. Your PCT is gonna have to be much stronger than an OTC AI with these PH's. Your looking at a SERM, test booster, PCT assist, etc. You need to try something like H-drol or Epi. Research then ask questions.
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  4. post in the right section for response. and at 210 at your height, u are very very skinny. u just need to eat alot. my 16 year old cousin is 6ft, 230. if he can do it natural, so can you. and if u think Pink Magic is a post cycle, you have alot of research to do.
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