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    Yes, I have been ERASEd... By: Ryan

    Review posted on: Sun Aug 29 23:39:36 -0400 2010

    First off, seeing as I am the only person to have used this product in the US other than the couple upper individuals from PES, I am the only one that should be rating this product lol.. I was given beta caps to use as my on-cycle AI. Guess what, it works.. In three days of using this product, I instantly dropped about 4lbs. In a weeks time, my slight gyno was reduced and nip sensitivity has been reduced to zil.. My joints are achey, but that is because I dose at 3-4 caps worth per day. Now I am cruising at 3 caps, which is where I will stay at throughout my cycle.. It feels like .5mg adex EOD.. NUFF SAID! If you want a cheap AI that works well, with no libido loss, get Erase!

    Erase works By: philip

    Review posted on: Sun Sep 12 10:44:02 -0400 2010

    LOL ryan thinks he is one of the first to try this product, well perhaps under the name erase he is, but ive been using the active ingredient in my lab, and its been available for about 3 years, its a good cort blocker and boosts the immune system,. 50mg is as much as you should take a day.. not bad at all.

    From Around The Boards...

    Quote Originally Posted by evan
    just on day 3 but i have been dieting 4 just under a month and was stuck for close to a week at 186(from 206) as of this morning i am at 183, i am noticing water loss and increased definition, which is why i brought the products. I am attributing the primary short term affect to the erase, as i was on mitotropin which is similar to alpha t2 and did not have this noticeable of a diuretic affect. I also am feeling a thermic affect as i was heated, past normal, to the point where it was noticeable. love the short term effects exactly what i wanted, just waiting to see what happens in a month.

    only negative is these pills stink to high hell

    on a side note i really love the simplicity of the ingredient profiles and you telling me how much product i am taking(as i mentioned before purchase) great job PES keep up the good work

    Quote Originally Posted by dat dude
    I'm on my third day of Erase and all I can say is wow it's strong. I've taken AI's in the past so I know when my estrogen is low. I took two the first day three yesterday and probably will take two today. I may have to drop down to one erase a day. I seem to respond to supplements really well. I just received my DAA and P-5-P from nutraplanet a few minutes ago. I wil be stacking Alpha T 2, Erase, DAA, albuterol and P-5-P. Thanks for a great product.

    I think my sweet spot with erase is two a day. I can see and feel a differnce already. My skin is tighter and I'm more vascular. Honestly I feel good lol..
    Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08
    It will take that water weight from you pretty quick
    Quote Originally Posted by ryanp81
    I'm only day 2 in it and at 2 caps it makes me want to punch an old lady pushing a stroller *from a previous thread, alpha t-2 me feel like I wanted to punch a baby : no old ladies or babies where harmed*
    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL
    Me too, and i think i'm noticing a hair better forearm vascularity/definition already as well at 2 days in.

    Just to add waking up today, forearm vascularity is definitely up at day 3 of erase. Its a pity, I don't have ropy veins anywhere but on my calves, everywhere else its finer spiderwebby veins. But today I see ones on the inside of my forearm that i've never seen out before.
    Quote Originally Posted by mw1
    One caps at 6am and 1 at 7 or 8 pm
    To be honest I wasn't expecting much out of this product when i purchased it but it has exceeded my expectations.
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti
    the test now begins, monday marks the first day off SD so my hormones might go a bit nuts, still on "the one" and dermacrine....but last time transferring off the sd left me in some trouble, so erase, it's your time to shine

    Once again I was happy with my workout, my deadlift numbers are starting to come back and i'm gaining confidence in my lower back that the pain is hopefully gone for good *knock on wood*, appear leaner but fuller at the same time in the mirror, but strength is still up good, def. feel like i'm recomping very nicely, strength and size up with the appearance of some fat loss

    starting to feel what seems to be muscle hardness, also no estrogen side affects at all so far

    i'm almost 3 weeks in, and i do appear lean and dryer, almost the same feeling as when i took epi and dried out when using that as the strength went up

    my plan was to run this until the end of the cycle, but i'm going to count the bottle and see how long it will last and might push it into pct

    on the other hand, PES is on to something with Erase affecting the thyroid, after i take my night dose i feel heat about a half hour later, even this morning after my dose i'm at work and feel a warmth similar to the Alpha T2, that stack should be killer for fat loss, might be my winter cut stack since i plan on laying off hormonals for awhile after this

    as for the erase, i have made it a lot farther on this sd bridge than i did last time, and haven't had any estrogen sides, i do get some nice heat from this stuff, dried out quite a bit but i think from upping my water during this headache that my stomach is alittle bloated however i have some really nice veins running through my bicep and noticeable veins in my shoulders that i don't usually have when doing any shoulder far it's a homerun product in my book
    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL
    I have always had high estrogen levels, although luckily it never created a gyno issue. For comparison's sake, when my total test level was in the 270 range, E2 was at 61. Its been sort of a plague for me, as that high of an estrogen level makes fat gain distribution different than normal, plus it makes it harder to lose. I started taking erase at 3 caps a day, and by midway through the second week I started noticing joint dryness, and dropped down to 2 caps a day. It definitely made a noticeable impact on fat loss, as well as on retained water. I looked dryer and more vascular.

    As a rough estimate, 2 caps a day of erase had about the same effect on me as taking 100-150mg/day of 6-bromo. For the price of Erase, it looks like its a pretty hard to beat all natural DSHEA compliant aromataze inhibitor. I plan on picking up more, and running 2 caps a day for a long span of time. Definitely also planning on using it during my last 8 weeks precontest.
    Quote Originally Posted by goonstopher
    I think I am noticing some benefits from Erase than aromasin didn't have. I have a little vice that increases prolactin and makes my gyno lump hurt and swell. This has been slightly improved by erase as compared to aromasin...
    Quote Originally Posted by Judgement Day
    I'm already starting to notice a diff with Erase, looking a little dryer and more vascurlar!

    Day 6 thoughts
    I am def feeling Erase now, I feel the boost of aggression, body is looking a bit leaner everyday and more veins

    Day 8 thoughts
    I'm getting much leaner very fast, for 1 week I'm very happy! The Erase is really giving me a better dry look with more vascularity, so far I'm loving this stack and loving Erase

    Erase Update- Def looking a bit more leaner today! 3 caps a day is very much helping take the water out!
    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderGod
    Day 4 for me and I'm definitely looking drier and harder. This has a distinct diuretic effect on me. Been drinking water and shedding water like mad. Looking leaner already.

    I hate to say it this way.......but I'm truly surprised.

    Been awhile since something new was worth a crap.
    Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Well I have been meaning to get my review of ERASE out there, and I gotta say I LOVE this stuff!

    I have used any number of 7-dhea products in the past and had good results with the TD solutions, but they pale in comparison to ERASE. This product really shined for me in the fat loss department, had steady loss without change to diet. Also had an increase in strength while in a calorie deficit. Libido was through the roof, and had a pleasant calming presence the whole time I was on it.

    Great work PES!
    Quote Originally Posted by dat dude
    I'm starting to get compliments from people saying that that can see my body is changing. I'm getting tighter more vascular and losing bodyfat. I didn't check bodyfat before I started but can tell a huge difference already. I can see the biggest difference in my calves arms and chest.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy
    it's doing wonders for me. I have naturally high levels of E2 and I think using erase is great, along with cort control.

    I had taken an overnight position at a place and was working 40 hours a week on top of 6 classes at school and man, let me tell you that was a recipe for disaster. After a few short weeks my arms had dropped by a full INCH and though I was slightly leaner, I had lost a ton of weight. I recently quit and got myself some erase and I think the anti-cortisol properties are really helping out.
    Quote Originally Posted by iceplaya18
    yoo i'm two days into mine & i swear this stuff dries you out haha i'm drinking like 10 gallons of water , just constantly thirsty . i wonder if it's also the glycergrow i'm taking but i been on that for like two months . well i'll keep yall posted , i picked up two stacks of erase & titanium . can't wait to see the results .
    Quote Originally Posted by thundergod View Post
    This stuff works. No doubt about it. I'm starting week 4 at 3 caps per day and I'm freakin' lovin' it!! I have dried out considerably and some stubborn lower chest fat is simply melting away before my very eyes. I'm lean and very vascular at this point. Looking for even more improvements as I crack open bottle #2.

    Tommorow starts week 6 on this 10 week blast for me. Not even thinking about opening up my Letrozole. Not needed.
    Quote Originally Posted by thundergod View Post
    Not just noticeably......but wonderfully. No exaggeration either. This is some damn good stuff. I'm so glad to see that someone is still bringing effective supps to the game table.

    You were right about this compound being much smoother than ATD. I don't miss it so badly now. And I never did like the idea of down-regulating my androgens while on-cycle. Or off-cycle for that matter.

    And in regards to Trione (6-OXO) and Formestane, the ERASE is a better option IMHO. Easier to dial in just the right dosage.

    I always used the Trione and Formestane in a transdermal delivery matrix to maximize results. Oral bioavailability was never good with these 2 compounds. You have to dose each very high orally to be effective.

    Of course, ERASE won't compare in strength to prescription AI's like Arimidex or Letrozole. But those compounds come with some negative sides. I like the idea that ERASE is lipid-friendly.
    Quote Originally Posted by GuyverX View Post
    Have been on ERASE about a week now.
    Seems to be helping my rip slowly but surely.
    I might end up having have to go down a pants size or two by the end of the cycle.
    Was taking the CL Reduction PM at nights to help lean out but it and the ERASE/AT2 had me going to the bathroom too much.

    Cut out the CL-Red for now.
    With no change in diet and routine and my still having my cheat days on Sat- Sun(I know my results would be faster if I did not) I am still getting toned and tighter pretty well.

    Tried it with the Titanium and some normal dhea. Made me grow an ego the size of Kanye West and Bono combined. So just running the ERASE/AT2 solo for now.

    Some good stuff. Had to stop using my black soap because my skin was drying out too much.

    2 caps ED works for me fine. No joint pain, or anything. No increase in libido that I can tell , then again I am single and stressed about family things ATM.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mongo97 View Post
    Im finishing up my 4 week run of erase and testopro tomorrow. I have greatly enjoyed this stack. I ran Testopro before solo so I had an idea of how I was going to react to that. I dosed 3 erase 2 am 1 pm and 4 testopro 2 am 2 pm. My diet was on point the first two weeks but as been pretty ****ty the last two weeks. I have been unbelievably busy. Other supps were creatine, milk thistle, and vitamins. Here are my thoughts week by week.

    Week 1
    I did not feel anything for the first week. This was a little concerning at first because the first time I ran testopro my libido went way up by day 3-4. My strength stayed about the same.

    Week 2
    On day 9 I noticed my libido was threw the roof and my wife asked me if I was on a supplement because I couldn't get enough. This week I also noticed my strength gains were starting to go up. I also noticed I was breaking out a little more than normal. My recovery was starting to elevate. On monday November 15th I hit a pr on squat-440x11 and hit 350 for 20(widowmaker). Motivation, focus, and aggression in the gym was awesome. I crushed all my workouts.

    Week 3.
    Monday November 22nd I hit a PR on bench 315x15. Libido continued to stay extremely high to the point were my boys ached if I didnt get sex enough. I also hit a pr on squat on Sat nov 27th 485x8. Recovery was still good even with me pushing myself to the max. Motivation, aggression, and focus continued to stay very high.

    Week 4
    I switched to a 5x5 workout. Libido was still extremely high and still has not let up. The weight in week one of the 5x5 was relatively low so I can not comment on any further strength gains. My motivation, focus, and aggression is still there but the lighter weights level it off a little. Still having great workouts though. I have never done a true 5x5 workout before so this should be interesting.

    Overall this stack gets a 10 out of 10. Loved it. I enjoyed setting New PRs. Would recommend this stack for anybody who asks!
    Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    I had two bottles of Pink Magic laying around so I am running them right now with Erase, results have been excellent. I recover instantly and strength is through the roof and I am only in week 5. I added Erase about 3 weeks ago and it instantly made things better in ever facet of this run. I would not run a natty test booster without it and most only need 2 per day, lasts 45 days then!
    Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Received this email today from a store owner that sells both Erase and TestoPro:

    I tried Erase stacked with testopro and it was awesome. I had taken testopro solo before so I knew how it worked. Around week two is when erase really kicked in for me but my libido was way up and hit prs on bench,squat, and deadlift. I have noticed an increase in peoples interest in erase since I started the stack. Both your products are getting very positive reviews both from me and my customers.

    -Performance Enhancing Supplements
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Chee Scott View Post
    One bottle of Erase down . . . And many more to come! . . .

    What is it?

    * Erase Cortisol!
    * Increase Testosterone!
    * Erase Fat Storage!
    * Increase Fat Loss!
    * Increase Muscle Mass!
    * Increase Sex Drive!
    * Increase Recovery!

    For more information on the product, please review Performance Enhancing Supplements: ERASE

    Body Composition: 8/10. Every week I have been using Erase, my training has been BELOW Maintenance training, whereas my diet has not changed, which tells you how effective Erase was. There was a gradual increase in body composition to 9.9% bodyfat over the first two weeks, but the final week using Erase saw a decrease in body composition back to 9.5% bodyfat at 116 pounds, leaving me with a final gain of one pound at a ratio of 9.6 to 1 increase in lean mass (+ 0.905 pounds) and bodyfat (+ 0.095 pounds) respectively, and technically "no" change in body composition. Considering my training and nutrition, this is interesting AND impressive . . . My arms grew whilst using Erase - even though not a lot, it makes a difference re look, and the stretchmarks just above my elbow crease and biceps insertions, as well as increase in arm girths, are testament to that . . . Note that the final week my Erase dosage was 5 caps daily - with one cap pre-bed, as opposed to the 3-4 caps and no pre-bed dose that it was during the first and second weeks respectively . . .

    Cortisol Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see the changes in my Cortisol levels from pre to post-Erase, I did not have bloods done. I will note that my stress levels are ALWAYS HIGH, and the last three weeks have been more stressful than most, and yet my body composition has remained "unchanged".

    Testosterone Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see the changes in my Testosterone levels from pre to post-Erase, I did not have bloods done.

    Recovery: 8/10. My recovery has been interesting - bear in mind that, although training was just under Maintenance, it WAS a new training split I was using . . . Adding in the dose pre-bed gave me the best sleep - deeper and more restful than ever . . . Do note that I was also using IGF-2, which plays a huge role in my recovery, so Erase cannot be solely attributed with effects here . . .

    Libido: 11/10. Even BETTER than when I was using T-911 - my libido has been INsatiable during the last three weeks, despite the circumstances (which is interesting in itself). My body has been ready and responsive, and it's been the most and best sex ever!

    Other Effects: 10/10. The most noticeable effects of Erase - aside from those already mentioned - were on my joints and with water retention prevention . . . Even though I started Erase immediately after finishing Triazole, my joints started getting better (they were not the best - very dry), and also as it got colder and my dose of Erase increased, my joints kept improving considerably re looseness. I noticed the effects on my joints the best at 5 caps (i.e. 125mg of 3,7-keto DHEA) daily, which is interesting, considering that decreasing cortisol generally means negative effects re joints . . . When I started dosing Erase pre-bed, the lack of water retention to the following day got more noticeable, especially since I have the bulk of my carbohydrates and a LOT of carbohydrates in the few hours pre-bed. Do note that I was also using Shred Matrix - although effects were definitely more noticeable when using 5 caps and a pre-bed dose of Erase . . . Strength also increased as I was using Erase - but one of my training focuses was ON gaining strength . . .

    Overall: 9.5/10. Erase is an excellent recomp product! I actually noticed the best results re body composition and joints with Erase when I was dosing at 5 caps daily and added the extra cap in pre-bed. Interestingly enough, at 5 caps daily, my joints were better than they were when I was using Osteo-Sport, which says a LOT. Erase gets "extra" points for the positive effects re joints and sleep . . . The only downside to the product for me personally is that I have to use 5 caps to make the progress I want, which means a bottle will only last 18 days . . .

    Would I use again? Yes. I actually want to Erase as a STAPLE!

    Would I recommend? Definitely.

    My Thoughts on Performance Enhancing Supplements Performance Enhancing Supplements is a young company with only TWO products. However, those two products are EFFECTIVE and BOTH of them I have used with excellent results. Performance Enhancing Supplements proves that you don't need to have an extensive line-up to make an impression - their products speak for themselves re results, and the company name and recognition will only get bigger and better. Already, Alpha-T2 has become a STAPLE in my supplement arsenal, and Erase is going to be!
    Quote Originally Posted by EArch View Post
    Im using erase along with at2 in an EC stack atm and loving it. love erase, my second time running it, my fav AI
    Quote Originally Posted by Wilcox View Post
    Alright, I decided to finnally rate this stuff. Normally I wouldnt take the time out to rate stuff if it really wasnt worth it.

    Honestly, I love this stuff. It really dried me out better than I actually had thought.

    Really helped with vascularity, and kept all my water retention and bloat out.

    Love the feeling of being on erase. Just great stuff. I feel like now that my bottle is empty, that I really should get another one.

    Its very cheap stuff for what your getting. Definitely suggest this. I cant say enough about this product. GREAT stuff.

    Gave me a little bit of join dryness the first few days on 2 caps. But then it went away and I actually ended up dong 6 caps a day which was insanely awesome.


    Great for stim free fat loss By: Mike
    Review posted on: Sun Apr 10 23:57:08 -0500 2011

    I took erase with shift for a lean bulk. this was after i lost 11lbs on alpha-t2.

    My goal with the lean bulk was to not gain any fat, but get stronger and harder. this stack let me to exactly that. Shift really gives a "warm" feeling. I took 2 pills in the morning and then 1 more later and 1 more before bed.

    Erase i did 1 in the morning 1 during day and 1 at night. It dried me out very nice. Great hardener and libido booster. Also noticed some increase aggression in the gym

    I got even leaner during my lean bulk but did not lose any weight, which was exactly what I was looking for. I am going to do a super lean bulk in the summer with erase, shift, alpha-t2, and maybe some DAA

    More to come!
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

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