Anabolic Pump of any sort...suggestions?

  1. Cool Anabolic Pump of any sort...suggestions?

    Would an anabolic pump benefit me:
    I was 400lbs and now im 283. im still trying to trim and with my workouts and diet its coming along rather easily as long as i am consistent but im losing a lot of muscle and have lack of definition and im at the point where im really trying to preserve muscle. i want to get to 255. I am 6'3...i need to be hard and solid as well, not just skinnier. looking for a recommendations. Ive been training for years, very strong, have tried a number of things from socalled fat burners to PH's which did work and made me strong but bigger..Looking for a new avenue now.

  2. Dude keep your protein intake around 200g daily and you shouldn't lose much muscle. BCAA's or ecdy are options as well. AP is for carbs, which you should keep low or at least cycle. Make sure u take it as directed, I think 30-45 min prior to card intake.

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