posted this up on, figured id stick it on here too

had to finally buy a tub of this and try it out, i dont think ive seen a bad review of this stuff gonna keep this fairly short and simple, since tonight was only my first time using it, i'll keep posting some updates and whatnot in hurr

i snagged the black cherry flavor

Cons - im gonna get this out of the way because the "cons" dont really have anything to do with the products effectiveness, just things for people to keep in mind.......

- i know ive read of a lot of people talking about excessive coloring and cherry flavors got that problem. my mouth was blue as hell, one of my buddies asked me if i had just blown a smurf when i walked in the gym haha, and i got some of the powder on my hands which lead to me having blue fingers

- ive already spoken to cooper a little bit about this, but my tub has some clumping issues............ive got the majority of the tub crushed up, but theres a few chunks that refuse to break throw it in the blender, but i really dont wanna get this powder everywhere! i did notice however the white paper seal that goes under the cap was NOT stuck down at wondering if this could have something to do with the clumping?

Pros -

- i'll start by saying this stuff tastes pretty awesome.......i was expecting a little stronger flavor, but its a very nice refreshing cherry taste.........this and protocol are probably some of the best cherry tasting supps ive tasted, i wish more companies would utilize this flavor

- for what its worth, i wasnt exactly looking forward to hitting the gym tonight, was feeling a little slugish..........i wouldn't exactly say this gave me any sort of energy rush at all.......but about 15 minutes after i took it all of a sudden i was just ready to head out the door.

- even with the first dose, you can notice the focus from this stuff..........tonight was a good test of this, everyone seemed to be in a chatty mood tonight at the gym, and usually when this happens i get suckered into the conversations, but tonight its like i didnt even notice they were there..........i did chat in between sets/exercises, but when it was time to get back to the weights thats exactly what i did

so far so good......looking forward to the rest of this tub