The Melt Xtreme Log

  1. The Melt Xtreme Log

    Ok here it goes. I started yesterday (Monday, 4/12/11) and was busy with school work to start the log. Weighed in at 165lbs in the morning @ 13%bf. Will be doing a cut with the insanity program and will be following their training guidelines and diet guide.

    Supps I will be using:
    Melt Xtreme
    Dymatize whey
    Lg science bc+eaa
    multi, fishoil.

    Day 1- Dosed the first cap @ 9am. 15mins later started feeling a little warm and increase body temp. THe thermo lasted about 20-25mins. Had breakfast @ 9:30am. About 35mins after first dose, started feeling the energy coming in, nothing intense really and could feel my HR going up while doing some chores around the house. Appetite suppression wise, nothing major really yet since it was the very first dose but felt less hungry compared when I wasn't taking the supp yet.

    Dose the 2nd cap 6.5 hours later @ 3:30pm prior to working out @ 4pm. Could feel the energy coming in while working out, nice and smooth. About halfway through the HIIT cardio started feeling a little nauseous and felt like throwing up. Took a rest for 2mins, and finished the session. Wasn't really feeling hungry even after an hour after the workout but had dinner post w/o meal.
    - End of the first day, I was able to fall asleep with no problem. The stim effect is nice and not too much and kicks in nicely when needed like working out. No energy crash either at end of the day. Overall, first day of the cycle was great and felt accomplished. Can't wait what this stuff has in store for me. Will post diet next time.

  2. Day 2

    Pretty much the same dosing times as day 1 and felt pretty much the same with regards to the stim effect, the energy but the only difference I noticed today was the appetite suppression for this day was a little stronger compared the first day. didn't really feel hungry throughout the day but had to remind my self to have meals. Second dosing prior to working out, energy was there when needed, nothing intense like clen but it was nice. Didn't feel nausea or anything and finished Plyo Cardio Circuit training feeling good.

  3. Day 3
    Dosed 1st cap 7am and had breakfast @ 7:30am
    3whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 1/2cup oatmeal, 1cup fat-free milk, 1slice turkey ham, 1cap fishoil.

    Noticed more diuretict effect as day goes on. Thermo effect is still there but doesn't last long, only about 15mins. Hunger suppression is what I like with this product because I don't feel hungry throughout the day but still gotta eat. Had lunch @ 12:30:

    5oz. chicken breast (grilled), 1cup brown rice, 1 medium texas orange, salad greens, 1tbsp light ranch, 1cap fishoil.

    Did a little dosing experiment with my second dose prior to working out and dosed it an hour before, 3pm and worked out 4. I think I have found my sweetspot so far and this dosing scheme works best for me because the energy rush was smooth compare when I dosed it earlier like 30mins pre w/o. Did cardio, power, & resistance and the pump was pretty good. didn't feel really exhausted after and still had energy left. Post w/o had 1cup fat free milk, 1scoop dymatize whey, 5g glutamine.

    Dinner was the same except I just had 6oz. chicken breast and add 1egg. End of the day, didn't have trouble falling asleep and had 1cup fat free milk, 1scoop dymatize protein, 5g glutamine.

  4. Day 4
    dosed the same as day 3, 7am breakfast @ 7:30. Had the same meal, and will pretty much have the same thing errday unless someone chimes in whether to add something or take out something. Drove to school and felt pretty pump while driving and could feel my HR kinda up. Didn't know if it was the weather because it was 70something degree and I was wearing a sweater. Mid day snack, Had: 2slice turkey ham, 2slice whole wheat bread, 1medium apple. Had lunch @ noon. Same as day 3. Workout @ 3:30 and will dose it @ 2:30. will report back how the workout goes.

  5. Workout was great, did pure cardio. Finally found the sweet spot for dosing scheme. 1hour prior works best for me. Dinner waS the same as day 3

  6. Forgot to note that, hunger suppression kinda wears off after 6 hours or so which is great.

  7. Nice log, bro!

  8. Day 6- I think this day was the best workout I had so far throughout the week. I was really focused and all my intensity was focus towards the workout. Nothing else matters within that hour.

    Day7- took a day off, was really tired from work and pretty much did a workout there from lifting patients.

  9. Forgot to mention, weighed in this morning prior to first cap dosing and weighed in @ 164lbs also looking leaner on the mirror so numbers don't matter much.

    Also forgot to mention that I'm consuming 2311cals for the whole day according to the calculations that the diet guide from the program provided.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cousineerie View Post
    Nice log, bro!
    appreciate it.

  11. Day9- Dosed it same time prior to breakfast, 7am. THermo effect took longer to kick in about 1hour after i dosed it, compare to first week right about 20-25 mins. after first dose. Energy was smooth early morning and started feeling lil lethargic around 2pm so that's when I took my 2nd dose even though I did'nt workout until 4pm. Workout was great, did plyo cardio circuit. focus and intensity was there but didn't feel the "tunnel vision" I had day6.

    Day10- Noticed that the appetite suppression this day wore off a little faster than I expected. Started feeling hungry more around mid-morning around 10, and around 9pm. Overall, still a good day and did cardio, power, and resistance.

  12. Also, these past 9 days I've noticed that my sweating was practically the same. Nothing really super intense like drippin faucet, but my shirt is covered front to back after each workout. Also, I think weather plays a role because I workout with the windows open and this couple weeks have been pretty chilly here in Ca about high 60's- mid 70's.

  13. Day 10
    Dosing was the same @ 7am, breakfast @ 7:30. The thermo effect was quite nice because it was cloudy and cool today around high 60's- low 70's and I was feeling warmer and was actually sweatin a bit on my palms. Hunger suppression was better today and didn't feel hungry until 12:30 or so. Workout was great did pure cardio and was def. sweatin more. Dosed it @ 3:15 and worked out @ 4. As of this moment, the hunger suppression is still working and its almost midnight and I'm not feelin really hungry. Will report back tmorrow.

  14. im in brother!!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by raulob72 View Post
    im in brother!!
    thanks man, appreciate it.

  16. Day11
    Great overall day today including workout. Appetite suppression shines because I was busy with school and project and didn't have a meal for about 4 hours (breakfast- lunch). Checked my time and it was already 1pm and gotta have some meal. Between those times, didn't feel hungry at all and was really focus with school. Then workout @ 4pm and it was great. Did pure cardio+ abs and intensity was great. Sweated more than usual cus heater was on. Day 11 already and I don't have problem falling asleep each night which is I like about this stim product. Good day

  17. week 2 conclusion- weighed myself easter sunday morning prior to first dosing and weighed in at 163, but i notice that my mid-section has the most noticeable effect. Def. tightening around the waist. This thing is awesome hunger suppression wise.

  18. I'd prolly give this 8.5/10 in hunger suppression because this morning i was running late in class and dose first cap before leaving to school. No breakfast or anything and I didn't feel hungry the the whole morning or felt tired or sluggish from not having any breakfast and my energy was still good and didn't eat lunch until 11:30am.


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