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  1. Lightbulb AndroMass Guinea Pig

    Basically I am your average joe, and that needs to be changed...quick! I'm not one who really cares about trying new things even. I also believe that I make an excellent candidate for logging new supplements and showing how these products effect someone starting from average joe status.

    My cycle:
    Sarms Mk2866 - 25mg weeks 1-6
    Week 7 - Off

    AndroMass - 6 pills weeks 8-11
    AndroLean - 6 pills weeks 12-15

    Sarms Mk2866 - 25mg weeks 16-20
    TRS - (EndoAMP MAX, Toco8, Sustain Alpha) weeks 16-20
    TCF-1 - weeks 16-20

    What is bolded is what I phase I currently am in. As for routine, it's a Upper and Lower split, with a A and B with different set ranges and reps every week. Just finished up my AndroMass and AndroLean portion of the cycle and with my programming all in check here are the results, increase in pounds:

    Upper A:
    Bench +90
    Bent Over Row +110
    Overhead Press +50
    BB Shrug +100
    Close-grip Press +90
    BB Curl +40

    Lower A:
    Squat +120
    Seated Leg Curl +140
    Leg Press +340
    Standing Calf +180
    Seated Calf +100
    Situp +45
    Hypers +45

    Skip to AndroMass
    Skip to AndroLean

    Can't forget my motivation to get big!

    And just for the giggles as to how i'm going to act when I am big

  2. And your post is once again posted in the wrong spot. 3rd times a charm they say.

  3. Overview of AndroMass log, simplified and in one place for you all:

    Day 1:
    Didn't feel anything substantial, I did however watch my arm grow...uh I don't know how to explain this without sounding like a retard, even though I probably am. I was sitting on the couch just watching some TV and looked at my arm roughly an hour or two after first dosage. I saw my arm, millimeter by millimeter inflating. Maybe roughly 3mm difference just watching it. I was high, so that could be it to :P Also, a strong back nerve pinch in left lower trap, an I mean lower, where it tapers to the spine at the very middle of your back. As well as some muscle spasms after 2nd dosage at night. Hand, thing, ankle, and thumb twitches.

    Day 2:
    Got it scheduled now, will be dosing 1st around time of wakeup a little bit later, around 8am, whereas I wake at 6-6:15am. Second dosing is to be around 8 hours later at around 4pm when I get off of work and go straight to the gym. After first dose, same back nerve feeling, like a strain but I didn't feel before starting AM. No increased energy anything like that. On the bulking diet now, had a good 1.5kcals by the time I got off, with somewhere around 150g protein, didn't pay attention too much to the exacts, it was a shake, tuna, pineapple, and pb&j throughout the day. Now second dosing, this is at around 3:45 today with 2 scoops of White Flood. The workout, as I said was already better than the first week mirrored sets and rep scheme about 10-20 pound increase on all workouts. Some got the full 15 some failed at 9, but did the extra 3 outside of set. Blah blah blah, too much details maybe, so after the first set, bench, I was already feeling a pump. After I was done with last lift, barbell curls, I felt an insane pump. Walking to my car the right arm was angled and wasn't straight naturally. I would not credit this to White Flood at all, I never get any pump like this from the stuff and just take it to stay awake at center...For the first 6 weeks of current routine I really have not felt much pump from the BB curls at all, and now, better than last weeks de-load of 1x20 DB curls. Feeling just killed that. Actual pump variance in arm size equivalent to 1.15". So I don't know if it's in my head, if I just lifted better than normal or what, but from what i'm seeing here, day to of AM workout number 1 of cycle I would compare this to the pump I would feel when i was superdrol around a year back.

    Day 3:
    Today was same as last I suppose, first dose at 8am and second at around 3:45pm, I like to hit it there because an half hour or so later I hit the gym right from work. Food today was great. Had that masterpiece open face which was bomb as hell and some salad and a slice of pizza because the managers bought us pizza. As for the workout, I have my friend from work who's at 330+ right now and he needs to lose some weight, so he came with me today and hopefully most of the time. I kinda have to adjust to this, because he is a big boy and wants to lose weight, and I want to gain. Too bad I can't borrow some of his weight and take it off his shoulders. Sidetracked...ok so workout, I did yesterday's workout again, with improvements to the weights I had done, and then I did the workout I was to do today after that workout, and still want to keep working out. I don't know what to do at this point, after doing both my upper and lower workout with really feeling gassed I'd say, do I start adding more exercises to my routine?

    Side effect note: Not really having that back pinch today, but now erection problems. Last night in the shower with my girl, I got like 3/4 hard and would lose it right away. I struggled through that without much hassle but it was pretty odd, had to jump right in there ya know :P And today while riding the bike, warming up for workout 2 I suppose I got a chubby, 3/4 again, wasn't stimulated by my pants or leg hitting my crotch, or any girls walking or running on the treadmill in front of me, just all the sudden, boner. That's all for now

    Day 4:
    Same dosing schedule, didn't eat very well, I forgot my lunch but wasn't hungry all day and can't even remember if I did eat anything. I did have a "decent" workout. I just started going with my friend to the gym and I've been trying to get him into a routine, but he's overweight and I don't know since I'm trying to gain. I figured 5x5 on like 2 compound movements like deads and squat and then cardio for me. Anyways, he kinda messes up my workout right now, cause I'm trying to help him and not in the zone. So for friday's workout it was more like I lifted weights but didn't bust my ass.

    Day 5:
    No workout, but feeling that I should just do it up a lot harder. I'm on a 4x a week, I think i'm going to go 5-6x a week now. I just don't feel tired and just need to take full advantage of the AM that's going through my body. I also really expect it to kick in full effect starting after this first week. I heard it's comparable to SD therefore after week 1 it's on haha.

    Day 6:
    Not sure what i'm doing today, may take it off, may not. And in my other threads where I asked about AM being able to drink while on cycle. I will heed your advice and try to lay off the sauce and stay on the juice. I did pick up some spice and a pretty nice bong, so I'll be toking on that instead. And also seeing as how I react to it, I will be smoking AFTER the gym not before...or I won't go. Also need to get rid of the ice creams and oreo's still lingering around the hous

    Day 7:
    That same point in my back is really tight and would hurt worse than just the pinching it had before. I think this is the Mass that is causing this little pain. I couldn't get to the gym today because of Memorial Day it was closed before I got off of work. Needless to say, the way that I feel on AM i'm going to just hit the gym everyday that I can. No point in taking the stuff if i'm not going to push myself to the limit. Tomorrow will I will try to break myself

    Day 8-9:
    Very good workouts, my strength is increasing, due to the nature of the program I am running. But credit to the AM where I'm increasing weight by 10-20 pounds whereas it should be around 5-10. Some things such as the leg press i've added a plate to each side and still could probably push more out of myself. Yesterday was arms and today was legs, both of which really good workouts. I'm not super motivated to be hitting the gym, but I get it done. Since the recovery on this is insane, i'm looking for a good ab workout. Right now I do situps with a 30 pound weight on my chest and hold it vertical on an incline board. I'm starting to go everyday to the gym, so I think I could have like an abs and pump day before rest period

    Day 10:
    Off day, diet is in check. Chicken, Salmon, Beef, it's great. I bought a new grill and have been putting that thing to work. I'm somewhat disappointed in the thing, thought it'd be better, but for $100 i'm not expecting too much. When I have a larger yard i'm getting a king some mother haha

    Day 11 and 12:
    Family crap and just busy couldn't get to the gym. I'm trying my best to clear my schedule so I don't have any other crap to deal with other than work, gym, eat

    Day 13:
    Ya buddy, finally feeling it. Same symptoms of when I did SD which are clear signs for me as being ON finally. I get this tight tight stretched skin feeling on my lower legs. Sometimes middle shin and lower. I felt this today at the gym, YES! Oh and of course the ability to go up about 10 pounds on all lifts week after week. Day 13 of AndroMass is the ticket, now we're cooking. Will be going to the gym tomorrow, hopefully a double. Tonight, spaghetti and meat balls *turkey*

    Edit: Starting weight, 180, day 13 weight, 190, 10 lbs already

    Day 14:
    Off, I can't believe it, I slept around 16-18 hours, didn't wake up until 4pm. I don't think i've slept so good. I had incredible dreams too haha. In a life note, getting a new phone today probably, Droid X2

    Day 15:
    Pretty good workout, decent pump. Hyped off of White Flood, decent stuff, don't like the taste though and I feel that the pump can be better. I can't wait to try something else

    Day 16:
    1 Year anniversary with my lady, didn't get to the gym

    Day 17:
    Weighing over 190 now, sickness *hungover*. Seems like drinking while on AndroMass my body told me that I shouldn't do it. I had a headache the entire day and it would not go away. Never had a hangover like this, believe it's due to the AM

    AndroMass Day 18 and 19:
    Failed again to get to the gym. So I guess that's a 4 day period being off

    AndroMass Day 20:
    Got my lazy ass to the gym, no more slacking. And to make up for what I missed I did last weeks leg workouts both today and will be doing two upper body workouts tomorrow. I completely taxed myself with Deadlifts today. Walking all weird out of the gym. Good workout though, great strength increases and i'm ready for tomorrow.

    Day 21:
    Off day

    Day 22:
    Upper body b today making up for last week. Still increasing strength very much. Around ten pounds per lift still. I believe that will maintain until I've completed my routine. Body weight is up ten pounds starting week 3 but body fat is down about 2% since starting. Arms have grown an inch but that's the only body part I've measured saving the rest for when im done. Went back to the gym and caught up with my schedule. So now i'm back on track and need to stay this way. I only have about one weeks left of mass.

    Side Effect Note: Day 21 and 22 is increased aggression. Every little thing has been pissing me off and i've been being an ******* to people all day. It's funny to me, but not to others. Not any noticeable acne, my face actually seems clearer than normal

    Day 23:
    Off, I am feeling the tightness in my legs on my skin. A feeling I had when I took SD the first time. With my knowledge now I wish I still had the SD and took 30mg a day instead of the 10mg I did, haha and threw in a PCT.

    Day 24:
    Upper B and Lower A did today just so I can catch up and not miss anymore days. I got fired from my job yesterday so i'll be a lot more intense in the gym. It seems like finally AM is kicking in like it should of a week ago. I feel a lot stronger now and am sad that AM is over in 4 more days. I wish I had another bottle of the stuff, because it seems like now it is starting to work really well for me. Thankfully I do have AL and will be running that right after my AM is over. I've got a lot of good dry gains, not any water weight really and I don't have the pumped up sensation that others have been reporting. Just a good clean strong workout and drive is really what i'm feeling day after day. I have gained around 10 good pounds and can't wait to maybe show a progress picture. Either way, today I kicked ass in the gym, my shoulders and traps got nuked. As for legs, talk about easy. I felt way powerful, didn't need very much rest time between sets and for squats repped 5x5 my old personal max. Next week I will be setting PR's for everything all day! Squats on the final day of AM are going to be easy as hell I think even though i'll be pushing more weight than I ever have before

  4. A SARM isnt a supplement.

  5. Look in the IGF-1/GH place. Thats where it should go boss.

  6. Well the AM is, so i'm halfway in the correct area, and there is also an ostarine log in this forum as well. Jeez so hard to get a break nowadays
    Feeling unmotivated?
    Mix in 1 serving of White Flood with 8 ounces of water
    Wait about 15 minutes and feel the energy Flood your system!
    *un-sponsored idiotic sales line*

  7. Good workout today, increased all weights although considering last week was 2x12-15 and this week is 3x8-10...and as I type that I fudged up! Lol, I only did 2x8-10...hmmm I think i'll just go back to the gym now...brb gonna hit the apartments gym to finish this out HAHA i'm an idiot

  8. Is a full inch different in biceps while pumped normal? My arms feel like they are going to pop? Workout is seeing some intense vascularity and insane pumps. And yes, I really did go down to the apartment gym to finish my sets

  9. Today was legs day and wow, talk about insane strength increase, or maybe the fact that I got a new routine and last week I was just trying out the new machines and gauging my abilities. Needless to say +80 lbs on leg press, figured that is decent :P I love this new program I'm doing. I was doing SS for a while and got some good gains doing that. Just wasn't what I was looking for body image wise. Gave me a gut and now i'm looking to trim down the fat that was put on. Shouldn't be a problem, losing weight is super easy for me.

    Anyways, SARMS seem to be kicking in a little bit. I get mad energy before getting to the gym and it carries over to even after the gym, where I feel mad horny and super energetic after a complete workout I should be drained from. Only problem is I pop 3mg of melatonin and don't feel like doing anything after that, such as, make my lunch for tomorrow. I was told from PP rep ryan that I should be expecting my AM before May which is perfect, because Phase II of my program begins May 2nd. If it doesn't come in before then, I may stretch my SARMS down to 12.5mg dosage for a week or so and get 6 weeks in, then transition into AM. Super excited for AM and just expecting these excellent supps is what motivates me even more!

  10. Log is fine here, unless a MOD wants to move it. Looking forward to the progress!

  11. Yesterday was off day, today was upper body. I got a wicked pump in my left forearm, like insane. Didn't feel too much in my biceps today, my left arm is just lacking way behind the right for curls. I'll catch up. Tomorrow is legs and they are still sore from Tuesday

  12. great thread, keep the info coming.

  13. Had to edit this a little bit. I decided after the Mass i'm going on the Lean for 4 weeks, then getting down on PCT with another OSTA in there. I'm pumped for this cycle I just hope mass gets here in time for phase 2 of my current plan.

    Yesterday and today took the days off from the gym. I'll be hitting it hard tomorrow with lower body, then monday on upper. Only thing that kinda is bothering me is that OSTA is kicking in, but now after my workouts I don't feel tired, my muscles don't feel completely used which kinda sucks. My legs on the other hand, still sore for 2 days haha

  14. Quote Originally Posted by drinkyboy View Post
    A SARM isnt a supplement.
    sarm is a drug......

  15. Edit to both of you, it is a research chemical...please get your facts straight, not for human consumption, hello says it on the bottle itself.

    This is week 4 of OSTA and I'm kinda starting to notice that my left eye gets a little bit weird after taking my dose, not sure why, but it's not really bad. My overall body is looking good right now, lost some BF and starting to see more veins. Today my chest was puffed out, all bird status haha.

    Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the log very much, I've been going through a lot of ****. Stupid woman!!!!

  16. So you are going with mass before lean huh? Why did you decide that. I have a similiar run coming up and was thinking about lean first.


  17. Reasoning behind that is because AM is in my possesion now, and AL is going to be shipping on May 31st. But I also figured that the fat stored on my body now and the calories i'm just used to eating now would be easier to convert to muscle

  18. Gotcha


  19. How much longer on the SARM?

  20. I wouldn't run the androlean last then do a pct, if anything do the mass then pct then lean.

  21. SARMS ran out last week, so i'm waiting until after deload week to start hitting the AM, I need to start blogging this a little bit more lol. I'm just never at home. As for a review *not really* of OSTA, after 5-6 weeks of I repped today on deload week, which was all 1x20 atleast 20 pounds heavier than the first 1x12-15 week and 90 pounds in the leg press. I don't have all of my numbers nearby but definitely a good increase in weights and lost around 6% BF this month. Definitely good, minus the acne that I am getting on my mouth. Just 2 pimples but they won't go away

  22. Very nice. Looking forward to this.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    So you are going with mass before lean huh? Why did you decide that. I have a similiar run coming up and was thinking about lean first.
    its the route id go....muscle/cycle priming, works great.....the opposite of mass then cut isnt as effective imo

  24. What are your goals for this cycle, OP? I'm still confused as to why you are using a bulking aid (Mass) followed by a thermogenic (Lean)...


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