Been working out seriously for a few years and seem to have hit a wall. Its been months now and no gains despite several supplements such as MassFX, creatine and animal stacks etc. So figure its time for my first PH/PS after much research i have decided on using Havoc.

Going to run a 4-6 week cycle of havoc followed by 1 week 11-oxo bridge. PCT going to run nolva and overlap last week of nolva with Formestane. Got Activate and Supremacy for PCT but unsure on when to start what. Also have a little bit 6-oxo extreme left so might as well use that in my PCT but not sure where, thinking a few days into PCT.

Starting DAA at 3g 2 days before my cycle and will be running it the whole way through my cycle and PCT. Was hoping to get some HCGenerate but as usual it was out of stock so going to run IGF-2 (contains L-DOPA), primal male (contains fadogia) and DAA instead. I recons that will be a killer stack. I am hoping that these extra supplement on-cycle will keep shutdown to a minimal, libido up and PCT much easier.

Going to slowly increase my Havoc in the first week to 20mg and then slowly to 30mg. Giving my body a few days to adjust to every dose increase. Might get it up to 40mg depending on how i am feeling. Going for a 6 week cycle, but will see how i am feeling after week 5 and make a decision then.

Got some 11-oxo laying about so thinking i will use in for a 1-2 week bridge and i'll probably use Formestane at that time. Then finish the rest of the Formestane off in the last week of nolva. Not sure how much shutdown Formestane will cause and if it will be ok to run in PCT. Running Nolvadex @ 40/30/20/10

Have got lots of supplements and trying to have all bases covered. In the hopes that i can have a really keep my immune system healthy and keep sides to an absolute minumin,
Going to be taking Fish oil, animal Flex, vit E, vit C, vit B12, taurine, Anabolic Innovations Life Support, Vit B 5, P-5-P, lecithin, liv52, milk thistle, meletonin and ZMA the whole way through. Yeah I love my supplements.
Got some Green bulge and glycobol coming in soon so i'll start that about week 2. Got some universal storm, applied nutriceuticals drive and white flood for PCT.

Bit worried about hair loss as Havoc is notorious for hair loss. Got some nizoral and proprecia. Thinking about Toco-8 but already have some vit-e but not sure how much better toco is. I been hearing that proprecia wont help hair loss on cycle as it only stops DHT. Hopefully nizoral will help. Any help or ideas for helping minimize or re-grow my hair? I mean is the hair loss permanent.

As Havoc (2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol) has a half life of 6 hours i going to try to dose every 5 hours to keep levels high. It only has a Bioavailability of 40% so going to look into if there is anyway of increasing that perhaps by lowing stomach acid,... any ideas anyone?

Animal Flex should keep my joints in good condition and dosing fish oil 3 x 3g daily. Also have some DHEA but am cautious about using it as it lowers appetite and can cause hair loss. For back pump i going to take taurine 10g+ a day just put in my drinks throughout the day. Also got aspirin and bupe if need for pain management.

Starting thermolife liver longer 2 days before cycle the cycle and running it all the way through PCT. Also got milk thistle which I have been preloading for 2 months and lecithin. Have preloaded for like 2 months with Anabolic Innovations Life Support. Was hoping to start my cycle about month ago but things kept coming up.

Going to get blood work done before, during and after cycle. My doctor has been hating on me for doing a cycle and not keen on having any part of it. I am like i just want some blood work done for ffks sake.

Oh yeah its a bulking cycle`I will be eating as much as possible and as often as possible. I'll be drinking either milk, protein shakes, glucose drink or xtend.