Mini Review of Preform and HGHPro

  1. Mini Review of Preform and HGHPro

    First off I want to thank EasyEJL and AI for the samples of Preform, HGHPro and Motivate!

    First up is Preform.

    Now this isn't the first time I have used a supp like this (I use mainly Icariin for that). I took all 4 pills on a empty stomach (1 hr plus a few mins after my last meal), waited 45 mins (well foreplay counts as waiting, lol).

    I can honestly say I did not notice a difference. Libido was the same as was erections.

    Now I have used Icariin in the past in bulk from (40% both powder and capped) and for me it doesn't take a few doses for its effects to be felt.

    Though I will say my orgasm was a lot more intense (more muscle contraction than usual for me)

    Would I buy? I might just to mess around with dosage and timing, don't really want to buy Cialis again (I hated it).

    Next up HGHPro

    I took all 4 pills on a empty stomach 1hr after a shake with pb.

    Didn't really feel sleepy per say, but as soon as I laid down to sleep I knocked out. Now that's really rare for me. Usually takes me 45mins to an 1hr to fall asleep so I was very happy about this.

    *note* I only got 5 hrs of sleep

    When I woke up though I felt very groggy, more so than usual with that much sleep. Took maybe 20mins or so before I was fully alert on this. I did feel rested mind you, just groggy as hell.

    Would I buy? This one I am on the fence about, I have used GABA in the past and that puts me at ease and to sleep pretty quickly but I developed a resistance to it after 2 doses. The only other OTC GH product I tried was Somnidren-GH by Millennium Sport Technologies. Worked well but did not put me to sleep as easily as HGHPro. When I have more funds to mess around with I think I'll pull the trigger and buy this.

    I want to thank AI and EasyEJL again for the samples.

    As for Motivate I haven't used it yet, on a rest week from working out right now. Will be back at the gym next week and I will use it then.

    Hope this was helpful for ppl.

  2. Thanks for the review

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