looking for good stacking supplements

  1. looking for good stacking supplements

    I used to take Halovar, Epol and organ shield... I had awesome gains and very good recovery, im looking for a supplement that is close or better than that since they took it off the market!

  2. Which one was taken off the market?

  3. any ideas what would be good? im up for almost anything

  4. are you looking for a PH or a natural stack? if u want a PH, go to the PH section. if u want a natural stack, just say so and i will help ya out.
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  5. well I wanna get bigger than i am now, so whatever will work!

  6. what natural supplements would you recommend?

  7. I want the best stuff available

  8. I havn't tried a lot of supps other than standard fishoil, multi, protien, creatine and preworkout; but Lg Natadrol is working a treat for me! I've been able to see and feel results. The measuring tape speaks for itself. It's the only supplement (ive used) that i can say without any doubt works; aside from the standards.

    I dont know what you could stack this with though. There are two new suppliments coming out or are out that i thought this might stack well with. Its a new one by PES that sounds good but the name and ingrediants havn't been realeased yet and ECDY from Iforce.


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