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    Grape Frenzy!

    Thanks ScottyDoc, I got the package already!

    I decided to have one serving of N.O. Ignite today, and then went on a ~5 mile hike. I had plenty of energy, clean and sustained. Not once did I feel over-stimulated or jittery-no sides what-so-ever. Focus was spot-on and I got a crazy pump throughout my entire body just from hiking! Every time I looked down at my forearms I was amazed at the vascularity and how the muscle looked like it was going to tear through my skin!

    The most impressive aspect by far though was the euphoric feelings I felt! I was SO happy just to be outside in the sun. Even breathing felt better.

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    That sounds awesome my friend, wish I could have gotten out with the wifey, we love hiking and there are some awesome places just an hour from where we live in the North Georgia Mts.... unfortunately I was stuck inside a Mental Hospital all weekend! No... I'm not CRAZY, LoL, I was doing my clinical rounds for school, the the guests of our fantastic facility were interesting people to say the least, lets also just say I'm glad I keep in shape physically!!!
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